Tuesday, 2 March 2010


It takes some getting used to .. waking up to brightness, birds singing and daffodils springing up everywhere ~ but I'm not complaining and today made the most of it.  Buttons was out first thing so he could enjoy the whole day sunbathing and I did my 10,000 step walk accompanied by Coldplay and Timberland.

I listed some of my projects for 2010 this afternoon and was disappointed I didn't find anything in my stash suitable to stitch ready for Spring - no bunnies, no daffs and no easter eggs (not good for the diet anyway) but did find two past completed stitches which require the finishing touch - might have a go at that tomorrow.
Is it just me or does Christmas and Halloween just shout out CROSS STITCH?  The design and charts for both these occasions are just fab and there are so,oooooooo many to choose from - the only drawback is packing them away after the holiday has finished.

Noah's Ark had me stitching until the midnight hour last night - as I said in yesterday's post it's such an easy stitch : just stripes and blocks of colour.  There's always one part of a design that I just can't wait to stitch and on this one it's the heart, as you'll see from the pic I purposely stitched everything around it last night so that I can concentrate on that one piece tonight so that's what I'm off to do now before an early night becomes more tempting (perhaps a cappuccino or two will help?) . . . . .