Monday, 17 October 2011


Just a quickie . . .
My intentions of building the final snowman of 'Deck the Halls' just didn't happen this weekend and after picking it up this afternoon I've decided I'm not sure if I like the backstitching or not around 'Fa' and 'La'!
So I've unpicked 'Fa' and left 'La' so you can tell me what you think, I just feel the snowman should look soft against the fabric and not have a harsh line around them, perhaps I'm just going la-la!!!

Other insignifant news . . .  I set fire to my oven Friday night and although repairable the part will not be with us until end of this week ~ good job we have a microwave and I've failed my blood pressure test yet again and now have to be fitted with a 24hour monitor to find out what's going on ~ I did tell the doctor about the oven and the indecision on building snowmen but looks like the diabetes is the culprit - dam diabetes!

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