Monday, 1 February 2016


My precious little Tilly, who has fought so well since her illness last February, no longer has to battle with pain and is now peaceful, happy and warm at Rainbow Bridge.

So many of you have followed my life with my dear little bunnies, Tilly and Oscar, so I thought it only right to let you know that I made the difficult decision at the weekend and she peacefully went to sleep in my arms with a whisper in her ear to go to Rainbow Bridge,  find Buttons and wait for me . . . . . 

I am heartbroken, she was such a big part of my life and the loss hurts so much.  Oscar sits and waits in the corner of his cage, thankfully he is eating and responding to us so I pray he will learn to cope with the loss, as will I.

I don't know why she had to be taken???  Such a gentle, affectionate rabbit, full of character and a joy to watch and have in my life, so unfair!