Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Today has been staring at me on the Calendar for the past couple of weeks and I've been sooooo looking forward to it ~ NOT!
  A fun-filled 24 hours attached to a blood pressure monitor which tortures my left arm every 15 minutes by squeezing it to death to take a reading with the thrill of knowing that tonight it will extend to every 30 minutes and go on the whole night long ~ umm! not much sleep I'm guessing!
Good job the next instalment of the Virginia Andrews 'Flowers in the Attic' novel is sitting by my bed (Book 4) ~ although as they are all such tear-jerkers it probably won't help!!!

So whilst I've spent this morning full of indulgent self-pity, Mr. Postie delivered an unexpected package on the doormat . . . .

My dear blogging friend Lesleyanne sent me a birthday parcel.  Lesleyanne and I chat often through email and I am so pleased to have met her through Blogging and I guess I must have said my birthday was fast approaching and just look at what she sent especially for me . . .

Oh! it's just gorgeous ~ bunnies and strawberries in my favourite shades of colour and backed with red gingham fabric ~ PERFECT!
The design is LHN 'Strawberries' and Lesleyanne has stitched it on 28~count Mushroom fabric with Crescent Colours floss.
I'm truly touched Lesleyanne by your kindness, it means so much to me and from my miserable start to the day ~ look at me now . . .

Wish me luck tonight ~ what a strange coincidence DH has a big important business dinner tonight and as it won't finish until the early hours has decided to stay overnight in the Big City ~ he'll miss out on all the excitement!!!

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