Sunday, 13 October 2013


I'm so very sad to hear Fridays news about our special pumpkin Cathey and just wanted to share my feelings in written words.

I became blogging buddies with Cathey virtually from my start of joining blogland back in 2010 not only through our mutual love of needle and thread but our love too of bunnies ~ she was of great support to me when I lost Buttons that year after only losing her 11 year old Pickles shortly before and we've shared many stories about our following bunnies ~ her Popcorn and my Tilly and Oscar.

Since then we have remained 'stalkers' to each other and I feel privileged to have been able to share her life with her ~ her beautiful needlework, her wonderful skill of photography, supporting her Pumpkin & Patch Breast Fund silent auctions, sharing her joy of the birth of a precious Son and reading her honest and truthful words about her fight to beat this horrible and cruel condition a second time.

I don't feel Cathey was beaten by Cancer, I feel she won her battle, she kicked its butt well and truly 10 years ago and had led a fulfilled and rewarding life since ~ it was just time for Cathey to escape the pain and struggle and now rest peacefully and sleep.

I send my thoughts and prayers to her loving husband, her beautiful Son and her extended family.

Pumpkin season will always mean something special to us bloggers now but also every time we pick our needles and threads up Cathey will be in our memories too.