Saturday, 1 May 2010


Sorry, not a happy post today!

My adorable little bunny, Buttons, has been diagnosed with a tumor and it has been a very difficult couple of days trying to sort out our best options for him.  The tumor has grown very quickly and although it is not bothering him at all at the moment and he continues to eat, drink and hop around, it is likely to continue to grow.  Buttons is now nearly 10 years old and has coped with near blindness for the last 4 years with no probs at all and is a fit, healthy bunny!  Our options are to leave alone but with the prospect of it growing more and causing him pain is not one I wish to take or to operate and hope that being 9years plus he can cope with the anaesthetic and make a full recovery, the vet gives him a 70% chance!!!

Our decision is to take the 70% chance before the situation worsens so he is booked in for his op this coming Wednesday.  I am in pieces ~ he's my best buddy, absolutely adorable, very placid and loves a cuddle ~ I'm so worried for him and would miss him terribly if he wasn't here. I know, rabbits can't go on for ever, but I'm just not ready for this - Summer, Sunbathing & Strawberries ~ all the things Buttons and I love most!

A big plea to everyone to keep everything crossed for him and that on Wednesday evening I can post happy news
x x x