Saturday, 30 June 2012


Life is full of worries at the moment and stitching time is very limited!

To update my regular readers . . .

my dear Dad has been waiting for a life-saving operation to fit stents to stop a rapidly growing aneurysm from rupturing and at long last he has been given a date for the procedure ~ 4th July ~ it's a 4-5 hour operation and high risk with his other medical conditions!
 my dear MIL who has breast cancer will have a double mastectomy on July 23rd and again this is high-risk, especially for the recovery and the healing afterwards ~ we keep optimistic for both of them
my DH has a dear Aunt who is now 88, unmarried and has no children.  She was diagnosed with dementia 3 months ago, although the signs have been there for very much longer.  She has been in an Assessment Unit for the last 5 weeks and the decision has been made that she now cannot return to her flat and live alone safely so last Tuesday DH and I have moved her to a Care Home where she will be constantly looked after and be comfortable.  It was a 2hour round trip to visit her before and now she is literally a 5minute car journey away ~ the home is an old convent and has been beautifully refurbished with lovely grounds and accommodation.  I have been able to visit her every day so far and although our chats together are very random and are very much from the past, she still knows who I am and this weekend we are allowed to take her to the local park where she will enjoy the greenery and flowers so so much as gardening and nature was her passion.  Going through her possessions and clearing her flat ready for re-sale is very hard and it's funny how these situations give other family members every excuse not to be able to help!  Never mind, I know that DH and I were the ones who knew her best, love her dearly and are doing everything with as much compassion and feeling as we can.
a bit of good news though ~ my MRI scan came back with the 'all clear' and I have started physiotherapy ~ the first session left me in more pain then when I started but I'm told to expect a 6-8 week wait before I see any improvement in movement!!!

Oh, difficult and stressful days ahead of me, please keep your fingers crossed that my loved ones get through these ordeals without too much suffering xxx

I haven't got round to starting my new WIP, my concentration levels are not what they should be and when I do get 5 minutes at home it's a case of catching up on all the household chores and then bed!

I've picked 'A Wise Old Owl' up a couple of times and there is a little progress and another little owl has now appeared . . .

I want to pick up my crochet needle again and begin a granny blanket for our Aunt, we are allowed to decorate her room with photos and possesions and I've found some nice colours that will make a blanket and match the other room decor perfectly so IF I find a spare 5 minutes that's what I will begin next!

If you've got this far then a very big THANK YOU to you, it's rather a depressing post I know but it does help to be able to share my problems and your kind comments and support are always gratefully received and mean so much.


Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hi everyone from a very windy 70mph South of England!
(All summer bedding, sewing threads and bunny ears secured due to the risk of take-off!!!)

I didn't realise it's been 2 weeks since my last post and in that time I've managed a new start and completion!

I fancied starting this one . . .

'Wonderland' kit by The Trilogy

BUT it turned out to be another one that I just couldn't put down and 7 days later . . .

stitched on my own choice of linen ~ 28count 'Platinum' Cashel
with some of the hand-dyed threads supplied and my choice of DMC threads for the border

If you like doing Rhodes stitches, then this design is definitely the one for you ~ there are 155 of them in total!

finished into a pillow with the chequered crimson red fabric shown in the background with snowflake embellishments

I was naughty a few weeks back and gave in to temptation when JJ's sent me an email saying they were having a Memorial Weekend Sale with a 20% discount and as there's been a kit sitting at the top of my wishlist that's just been calling my name for so long . . . I couldn't resist!  

So in the meantime, between hijacking Mr. Postie every morning and getting him to check and then double-check his delivery sack, the knitting needles have been out again . . .

Coconut and Cable Cushion

This is a 6" cable stitch cushion, really quick to knit with just a small pillow insert needed for inside and 3 buttons.  The pattern called it Rose and Cable cushion but as I didn't have any pink wool or rose oil, I used a cream fleck instead and sprayed the inside filler with coconut oil ~ good enough to eat!

Yippee, Thursday came and so did Mr. Postie with my kit.  I'll keep you waiting until I've made a start but it's gorgeous and very unusual!!!

Have a good weekend everyone

Friday, 1 June 2012


You may remember me saying in my last post that 'I couldn't put this one down' so I'm happy to say 'Sophie's Roses' is complete and I'm really pleased with it . . .

A few decisions to make along the way ~ there was a second border to stitch but I just felt this floral and vine one was so pretty and quite busy that I would leave it as it was . . .

but that gap at the bottom right hand corner bothered me!

more flowers? maybe a bird?  a watering can?

you guessed it ~ a little bunny with white bobtail fits perfectly and what every little girl and garden needs . . .

finished this morning into a pillow with the polka dot fabric shown in the background ~ a perfect match to Sophie's shoes xxx

Big celebrations this weekend in the UK as we celebrate our Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a 4-day holiday, hopefully the sun will shine and some time in the garden with the BBQ (and some cross-stitching) will be the order of the day!

Now, don't get the wrong idea, yes this is a can of Pimm's and yes, at 1.20pm in the afternoon it is OPEN!
but this is not a regular indulgence ~ I'm trying to steady my nerves as DD has just left for college and about to sit her first A level exam and as calm as she is . . . I'M NOT!  She's given 110% throughout her college years and really deserves to do well but it is a worry and her dream of Uni is dependent on successful results ~ Good Luck DD, love you lots xxx

Tomorrow DD and I are off to see Coldplay in concert in London ~ it's a sell-out Tour and tomorrow will see a crowd of 60,000 enjoying their brilliant music ~ can't wait, we shall leave early, have lunch out and then sing our hearts out!

Have a lovely weekend everybody
Thanks for stopping by