Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Well, finally normality returns to our house and DH and gang are all back to work, college and school so albeit a little belated ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My own start to 2012 has so far been 2 weeks laundry from Florida, re-stocking the larder, fridges and freezer and a visit to the Doctor yesterday with a toe infection ~ mmmmmmmmmmmmm! good job when I came back there were 3 little parcels waiting to cheer me up . . .

Shell from 'The Raspberry Rabbits' sent me this gorgeous bunny ornament ~isn't it cute?
I've decided this is not one for packing away so it' not seen until the following Christmas so it's hanging from my daylight lamp so I can see it all year round and think of Shell's adorable bunnies ~ Lady Hannah and Sir Walter Harrington ~ who very kindly included a pack of dried banana chips for my duo ~ thank you!

Annette from 'Annette's Pieces' handcrafted 30 of these lovely little heart felt ornaments and I was one of the lucky ones to receive one ~ the perfect colours for me, cream with red stars, it matches my kitchen decor so guess what? this one's staying out all year round too!

and finally Cath from 'The Stitchin' Chicken' sent me this sweet little trio ~ a hand-knitted stocking, a beaded scissor fob and, as always in my house, a much needed pair of crafting scissors!

Thank you to all three of you for your kindness and for thinking of me ~ I love all my gifts and they are all very special to me xxx

I'm having a sort out later today of the already over-flowing stash cupboard, there's literally NO room for my Florida additions so I'll post again shortly with an update on what I'm currently stitching and what's on the agenda for 2012.

Tilly and Oscar survived their Christmas Holiday too and are settled back home happy and content.

Last Christmas when we just had Tilly, we bought her a wicker house which she made a good start on demolising renovating straight away.  The addition of Oscar later in the year sped things up even quicker so this Christmas saw a new property arrive and as you can see work is already in progress.  Tilly is working on a window in the roof and Oscar is thinking a little more light downstairs would be helpful too ~ now can you 2 bunnies work on DH and tell him an addition of my OWN stitching room would be most appreciated!

OOOpps, just noticed I still have the Christmas countdown at the top of my Blog page ~ bah! humbug, I'm keeping it there so none of you forget it will be here again in 355 days, 10 hours ........

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