Monday, 26 January 2015


My little bunny Tilly is sick and it's a waiting game to see if she can recover :(

Last Thursday we brought her in for the night from her outdoor hutch and her head was tilted to one side, I honestly thought she had had a stroke but she could still hop and was happy to eat and be petted that evening.  DS and I took her to the vets the next day where she was diagnosed with a condition that effects 52% of healthy pet rabbits in the UK, it's  related to their immune system and can cause head tilt, paralysis of the back legs, tremors and renal failure :(

We have started oral treatment immediately which will continue for the next 28 days but the next 7 days will determine the start of a recovery or deterioration ~ no deterioration yet, still a head tilt which does effect her balance but still eating, still drinking and still my little bundle of cuddles.
Our worries are doubled as Oscar is at risk too so he is taking the medication as well but thankfully as yet no signs!

Love my pets, love my little Tilly and can't bear the thought of losing her ~ please say a little prayer for her xxx