Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Yep, a strange combination!

So, here's a question for you ~ How often do you get 9 solid hours of 'ME' time when the only thing you can really do is CROSS STITCH?

Answer ~ whilst flying over The Atlantic of course!

We left England last Friday for our Christmas vacation here again in Florida (11th time and now definitely our 2nd home!) and over the past few years although I've always packed my needle supplies in the suitcases for the tight security reasons, this year I took a deep breath and thought 'Well, I'll try, if they remove the needle, so be it!' and Hey Presto ~ my innocent face got my trusty needle through security and a leisurely 9 hours stitching produced my last Happy Dance of 2011 . . .

Charmed Flakes 'Deck the Hall' by Hinzeit
stitched on 28-ct Jobelan Bay Leaf with suggested DMC threads

I was struggling with this one a couple of months back, I didn't like the heaviness of the required backstitching or solid line underneath the snowmen so decided to omit both, change the wording at the bottom to the lighter shade used for the snowmen's 'twig' arms and I'm really happy with the finished design! :)  I have the silver snowflake charms to add when I get back home and decide on a finish ~ for now I've put these 3 little fellows in the fridge so they don't melt before I get back home!!!

Temperatures here in Orlando have been a very nice high 70 degrees and are, from today, rising to the low 80's and are a welcome relief from the dull, gloomy days back in England.  Christmas is very pretty out here and the villas are decorated beautifully, the life out here is very laid-back, very clean and very friendly.


Yesterday we drove out to my favourite needlework shop ~  Needleorts ~ and on DH's orders, I took my Christmas stocking and with very little difficulty managed to FILL IT!  Ooooooh, a child in a candy store would have been hard put to have a bigger smile on their face at the end of it!

In case you're wondering ~ my 2 best friends are happy and warm staying with the lovely lady who's the nurse at our Vets ~ our house-minders are not really bunny people and I know they'll be spoilt-rotten where they are ~ miss them sooooooo much :(

I haven't had much time to blog read but will catch up as soon as I can and if I don't post again before the 25th . . .
May it be peaceful, joyful, warm and full of love