Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Well, let's get the 'bad' progress out of the way first . . .

Thank you to everyone who left me get well wishes on my last post, unfortunately silly me let the cold go on too long and put off going to the Docs so last weekend it turned into a nasty chest infection and being both asthmatic and diabetic this was not really good news!  I've been on antibiotics and steroids since and it seems to be a very slow and long process to getting well again.  I still don't have much voice to speak with and my breathing feels very hard work but I am actually dressed and up and about today and that feels like a BIG step in the right direction.

There is a funny side to it all though ~ with my voice as it is I can do a brilliant impression of Ron Weasley when his voice was breaking in The Chamber of Secrets and a lovely gift of beautiful flowers from DH and the kids made my breathing even worse so they had to go outside and I can only see them through the french doors in the Dining Room!!!

 I hate posting dreary, miserable news so let's crack on with some 'good' progress ~ Christmas Patches is stitching up a treat and I'm really, really enjoying it . . .

This has really been the only thing I've felt comfortable doing at the moment ~ I can wheeze in time with each stitch!  I have nearly finished Santa himself then it will be his sack of toys, a teddy bear at his feet, the lovely heart, berry and pine needle border and finally, did I mention? every bit of this design is back-stitched!  I don't mind back-stitching so I'm quite looking forward to seeing Santa coming to life!

Finally, here's a picture of Tilly impersonating me and how I feel most mornings . . .

Her little paw and nose was twitching like mad when I took this photo ~ I'm guessing Mr. McGregor's garden might be in her dreams!!!

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