Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The South of England has its 1st covering of frost this morning and although it's so, so pretty that also means that the big day is fast approaching and I'm so behind on everything that I shall skip the subject straight away and instead share my new stitching addiction Happy Dance with you . . .

These were the ingredients . . .

32 count 'Country Grain' Linen, Au Ver a Soie and Mori Silk Threads and 5 button embellishments

and this is what those magic ingredients produced . . .

'The Stockings' by Shepherds Bush

Gorgeous subtle colouring and just love those cozy patterned socks!

3 stockings and a rather unusual funky Christmas tree with a present waiting at the bottom (hope it's another Shepherds Bush kit for me ~ Santa, I have been very good really, OK the housework is screaming at me and my Christmas preparations are zero BUT!)

Herringbone and Satin Stitch

I just can't make up my mind how to finish this one or my previous post ~ Red Snowman?  I don't really want to frame them behind glass and not sure if that would work with all the button embellishments either?  You all know how I'm a dedicated pillow finisher but with these lovely silk threads which could never be cleaned if they were handled too often ~ ummmmmmm! any ideas?

I'm keeping tuned in with all the lovely seasonal stitching you creative blogging friends are producing and everything is really fabulous and very inspirational ~ it's such a wonderful time of the year for cross-stitching :)

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