Tuesday, 19 July 2011


DD has been putting her creative skills to good use again and look at the results . . . .

Tilly and Oscar's adventures in print!

College term is coming to an end and AS exams are well over with our fingers crossed for good results in August.  These last 4 weeks DD's college has been giving her a flavour of what the second year will involve and in English Language the year will concentrate on children's literature which is something DD has always had a love of whether it be writing or illustrating SO this is her first attempt at both and who better to do it about?

The story content had to be suitable for young children and have both repetitive sounding words and storyline so Tilly and Oscar are of on an adventure.  Having hopped too far away from home and losing their way  their search for home begins encountering many animals on the way all greeting them with 'Boo'!  You'll be pleased to hear the story has a happy ending and even gives me my '5 minutes of fame' and has me waiting for them at the door back home!!!

I love the illustration so much (taken from a photograph of them both) so DD adapted it for my new header ~ just sooooooo cute!  (I'm dreading the Bill she's going to present me with!!!)
Although the illustration is of Tilly and Oscar I don't want to change my blog name ~ Buttons' my beloved bunny now pain free and happy at Rainbow Bridge and 'Stitches representing my passion for needle and thread.
Buttons has now been gone for just over a year but so fondly remembered . . . .

My stitching news is not huge but I do have a finish ~ 'Chicken Sampler' by The Stitching Shed . . . .

Last year I stitched another of their designs ~ Cluck, Cluck so thought, when I bought this earlier in the year at the Stitching Show, that it would make a nice matching pair of cushion covers.  The colours are virtually identical, I have just made a couple of small changes ~ the wording was Hen and Cluck which puzzled me as it was called 'Chicken Sampler' not Hen, so I repeated the word Cluck so that both designs read the same and instead of stitching 4 flowers around the centre chicken I shall add some buttons!

I'm just about to start stitching for another Exchange and some gorgeous Sampler Threads have just landed on the doormat so it's all systems go!
I want to highly recommend a UK on-line supplier who fulfills orders as quickly as 24 hours and carries stock of all the lovely hand-dyed threads and US charts that us English stitchers find so hard to find here but love so much to stitch . . . .
The Patchwork Rabbit run by Karla ( ~ her prices are excellent and the postage costs are minimal ~ hop over and take a look, any special requests then give Karla a shout and I know she'll help you out, I recently needed 'Bamboo' for a design and wanted one as white as possible and hey presto! the next day it was here ready and waiting and a real bonus is Karla will cut you a 1yard length of thread if you only need a small amount rather than buying a full skein.

And finally ~ after weeks of tender loving care of feeding, watering and pruning . . . .

I have my first ever SweetPea with lots more promising buds!  These gorgeous flowers bring back lovely childhood memories when my Mum grew these in abundance every Summer on trellises outside our kitchen door and their lovely smell filled the house ~ it's funny how a smell can bring back such lovely times!

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