Sunday, 31 March 2013


Little Nutbrown Hare spotted a tadpole in a pool.
It was a tiny tadpole, as wriggly as could be.
'It will grow up to be a frog' said Big Nutbrown Hare.
'Like that frog over there?'
'Just the same as that one,' said Big Nutbrown Hare.


Easter  and Sunshine today ~ we are being spoilt!

Talking of which, I had the most lovely surprise this week sitting on my doorstep . . .

My dear blogging friend Barb gifted me this absolutely gorgeous bunny mug, choccie eggs and Easter card

It's by the company Two Bad Mice who do the most sweetest illustrations of bunnies ~ this one is called 'Cloud Watching' ~ some very chilled bunnies there I think!

This little fellow is on the back of the mug ~ something's got his nose twitching?

I was thrilled to bits with my gift, really touched at Barb's kindness.  We are both keeping our fingers crossed for good news this coming week, Barb let me know as soon as you get yours and I will do the same!  You know how much this meant to me ~ Hugs xxx

I've collected a  few other cards from this company which always make me smile when I look at them . . .

This is just so Tilly and Oscar!

This is us isn't it blogging friends?  Putting the world to rights with our girlie chats!

A new Hare sitting on the mantlepiece ~ found this on the High Street, couldn't resist!

And another unexpected prezzie ~ this one's from DH who had only gone out to get a loaf of bread up the village but spotted these in a shop on the way ~ too cute!

So it's a bunny overload for me this Easter but thought I should finish this post with the real thing 


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare went hopping in the spring.
Spring is when things start growing after winter.
They saw a tiny acorn growing.
'Someday it will be a tree,' said Big Nutbrown Hare.


The glimpse of sunshine this morning, daffodils, green grass and the lovely sound of birds chirping in the Holly Tree must mean, at long last, that Spring has finally arrived xx

I started a new stitch after my last post, one which I had every intention of starting last year but it got buried in the pile and forgotten for a little while . . .

Yes, it's another Shepherds Bush kit ~ 'Baby Bug Ball' ~ the thread colours are so pretty and the kit comes with gorgeous buttons and beads too

Off to a good start ~ this little child is all dressed and ready to go to the Ball as a bee

Now ready to fly with their wings and antennae with beads at the end of each

Pretty pastels for the next bug ~ not sure what bug it is but I think butterfly is most suitable

So flying along with this one, totally enjoying it and only one more child/bug to stitch on the right-hand side and then I can do the beading and add the buttons
What can go wrong?
I have been hit by March Madness perhaps, but have the sudden urge to have the challenge of a Heaven and Earth design!

I've been so tempted in the past but never plucked up the courage!  I don't think it's the size or the stitch count that's always put me off but more if I will stick with it!  HAED designs are meant to be a long-term project and I've always been a one-project girl so will I persevere with it or just get bored?  My family egged me on and when I looked again HAED were having a 25% Sale so that was that, ordered and downloaded within 24 hours!

'A Right Snow Job'
designed by Michele Sayetta with original Artwork by Jane Wooster Scott

I spent virtually a whole day researching what stitcher's preferences were with regard to fabric, fabric count and thread coverage and it seemed that 25-count Lugana was the favourite with a stitch coverage of 1 over 1

87 DMC thread colours
Stitch count: 450 wide x 378 high making a total of 170,100 stitches (feeling faint at the very thought of it!)

Only 40 pages to plough through!

And this is my progress so far ~ a mere 1,500 stitches and 1/80th complete!

If it turns out to be my only WIP then I hope you will all stick the journey out with me ~ we have a very long long way to go!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Good afternoon everyone and I hope the weather is being kinder to you than it is to the South of England  . . . a snow storm blew in yesterday afternoon and during its short visit caused havoc!  Today the surrounding roads are still very dangerous, some are impassable, many many cars have been abandoned and nearly all the schools and colleges are shut yet as I post this bizarre weather news to you the sky is blue and the sun is shining?
Please, Spring, hurry up and come!

A couple of dear blogging friends have celebrated birthdays recently so my needle and thread have been busy.
Firstly for Barb I stitched a pillow of a floral teacup with teabag and finished it with blue and cream spotted fabric and blue ribbon . . .

And secondly I stitched another pillow for Lesleyanne with a small grey and white bird holding a pink button, I finished this one with a darker blue and cream spotted fabric, cream ric-rac and a heart button with a wicker embellishment to help this little bird with any future nest building! . . .

I was so happy to hear from both recipients that they were happy with their gifts and they are now hanging in their homes in the appropriate places.  I stitched both of these designs from the UK CrossStitcher magazine which I have plenty of issues of but never seem to use.  I often pick a design out when I buy the magazine each month but then completely forget about it so whilst I ploughed through them picking out designs for the birthday gifts I noted down all the ones I would like to stitch, as you can see, along with all my cross stitching books, filed magazines and two further boxes of charts, there are a fair few to choose from!

And the first one from the list is Rosie the Rabbit . . .

Isn't she cute? ~ a grey and white mini-lop who is one of the characters from the RSPCA Perfect Pets range.
My little Oscar came from the RSPCA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and they do fabulous work in rescuing abused and abandoned animals and re-homing them.  Oscar came from an abused home, details of which I was not allowed to know nor would want to know, but he has come far since then and now has complete trust in us and is truly adorable, full of cheeky character and very gentle.   I would love to have had Rosie Rabbit  all sewn up and finished today but I'm out of pillow stuffing and due to the hazardous roads it will have to wait a little while longer.

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