Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare went hopping in the spring.
Spring is when things start growing after winter.
They saw a tiny acorn growing.
'Someday it will be a tree,' said Big Nutbrown Hare.


The glimpse of sunshine this morning, daffodils, green grass and the lovely sound of birds chirping in the Holly Tree must mean, at long last, that Spring has finally arrived xx

I started a new stitch after my last post, one which I had every intention of starting last year but it got buried in the pile and forgotten for a little while . . .

Yes, it's another Shepherds Bush kit ~ 'Baby Bug Ball' ~ the thread colours are so pretty and the kit comes with gorgeous buttons and beads too

Off to a good start ~ this little child is all dressed and ready to go to the Ball as a bee

Now ready to fly with their wings and antennae with beads at the end of each

Pretty pastels for the next bug ~ not sure what bug it is but I think butterfly is most suitable

So flying along with this one, totally enjoying it and only one more child/bug to stitch on the right-hand side and then I can do the beading and add the buttons
What can go wrong?
I have been hit by March Madness perhaps, but have the sudden urge to have the challenge of a Heaven and Earth design!

I've been so tempted in the past but never plucked up the courage!  I don't think it's the size or the stitch count that's always put me off but more if I will stick with it!  HAED designs are meant to be a long-term project and I've always been a one-project girl so will I persevere with it or just get bored?  My family egged me on and when I looked again HAED were having a 25% Sale so that was that, ordered and downloaded within 24 hours!

'A Right Snow Job'
designed by Michele Sayetta with original Artwork by Jane Wooster Scott

I spent virtually a whole day researching what stitcher's preferences were with regard to fabric, fabric count and thread coverage and it seemed that 25-count Lugana was the favourite with a stitch coverage of 1 over 1

87 DMC thread colours
Stitch count: 450 wide x 378 high making a total of 170,100 stitches (feeling faint at the very thought of it!)

Only 40 pages to plough through!

And this is my progress so far ~ a mere 1,500 stitches and 1/80th complete!

If it turns out to be my only WIP then I hope you will all stick the journey out with me ~ we have a very long long way to go!

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Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Whoa that's one big piece of fabric - love the design you chose, great start too!

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Great new start on your Heaven and Earth Design. Once you start you will soon be hooked. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Stress Less said...

I love the pattern! I confess I started doing a rotation because of my HAED pattern. I'm in the sky and it's mostly all blue/gray colors - a lot of them - but still it was getting to me. In fact I had stopped stitching on it for awhile. And I really love it and wanted to continue but the sky was giving me fits. I'm really enjoying my rotation of 4 projects. I will be in the sky for a long time so switching projects keeps me going. I will be back to cheer you on. You really do have a wonderful start!

Annette said...

You have two beautifull WIP's
Have fun stitching them!!
But I think that will work for you.. hiohi.
I never wanne start a HEAD, to much and to long too stitch.. But I love them so much.. But I can´t stitch one piece that long..
Good luck

cucki said...

Wow sweet wips.. I love them so much..
Big hugs x

Anne said...

Your SB is adorable and I'm glad you are hit with the March stitching bug...heeehee! Yay for starting an HAED! I think this design is beautiful and you will find it quite addicting, but you need to be in the mood for teeny tiny stitching! I started my HAED about 1 1/2 years ago and I'm half way through but I only stitched on it periodically. The result of the finished design is a real picture. Looking forward to your progress!

Vickie said...

Oh goodness! 1/80th done?! And 87 colors! Wow! Well, it is an adventure!

Cath said...

Good luck with your HAED . I am loving my SK , but not sure I will ever attempt a full sized one . We will see ,lol. XXX

Maggee said...

Baby Bug Ball is progressing so nicely--very cute! But a HAED?? Are you crazy? I tried a BAP years ago, and luckily saw the error of my ways and stopped before I got too into it, and I must say I have been happy ever since! Life is too short to devote to one piece only! Hugs!

Sally said...

Your SB is looking gorgeous.

Love the HAED you've chosen and look forward to watching your progress. I am yet to finish a big one but I have finished several smaller ones. They are worth all the hard work.

Barb said...

Hello Jane on a very wet day and a visit to the dentist to boot. I love the Shepherds Bush design and oh how brave you are, I started a HAED design and have the first square done. I chose Winters Nap and keep thinking I should restart it maybe you will inspire me. Hugs to the bunnies,and yourself as well of course.

Carol said...

You are so brave to undertake a HAED design, Jane!! It really is a masterpiece and I look forward to watching it take shape... Lovely SB WIP, too--such wonderful colors to stitch with!

Happy Spring to you--we have had snow here the past two days :(

Claire said...

Your stitching is beautiful .x

Catherine said...

Sweet stitches and wow! What a project you are undertaking ~ looking forward to watching this one grow.