Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I have a finish but not exactly what it should be!!!

BUT before that I want to say a big thankyou to all of you who left Congratulations on my last post regarding DD's successful exam results ~ she has read them too and we are both touched by your kind words and praise xxx

Now if you remember my last stitchy start was a Beach Hut design from a cross stitch magazine that would, should, didn't end up being the intended 3D doorstop.
There were no templates to cut out with the design for the fabric panels that would join the stitched front or any full instructions on how to assemble the pieces and more importantly in which order, just dimensions to cut out the coordinated fabric pieces which I did to the nearest millimetre ~ honest!
After one, two, three hours of stitching, unpicking, recutting, using a choice of select words and finally my sewing machine hitting a large pin head and breaking ~ I gave up!

So, guess what?  I made a Pillow finish again!  I didn't know what else to do with it really and I didn't want to waste the stitched front.  I stuffed it with the normal soft toy filling but added some vanilla and coconut Potpourri and it's now sitting in the downstairs cloakroom smelling very sweet and not too beach-worn!

I thought I'd start something I'd be a little more confident with next, so due to the kindness of Lynn I have started Sweet Little Berries by LHN . . . 

I followed Lynn's progress on this when she stitched it earlier on in the year and I was thrilled when she said she would send it to me, it's really as 'sweet' as its title says it is and I love the colours too.

A little retail therapy now . . .

I found this lovely cream washed frame which I think Gingham Bunny sits in just fine, I hated stitching this one as it was 1 over 1 and I really struggled with it but I'm pleased with the result now it's framed and probably hate to say it but WAS worth the effort!

And now for something different! 

I've always liked the Tilda dolls created by Tone Finnanger and there are all sorts of lovely Tilda products available now ~ fabrics, trims and design books (which have gorgeous bunnies in them) and more.
At the weekend I found this kit in a store and fell in love with it, it's called Kitchengarden Angel and comes with everything to complete it (apart from a new sewing machine, unfortunately!)

Encouraged by my children to buy it there and then, I almost passed out when I turned the box over and saw the price of £25.99 ~ ouch!  The box was slightly damaged and had been opened and when I asked the Sales Assistant if they had another one, she said that was the last and the shop would reduce it by 10%.
Still feeling a very big 'Ouch', even at that price and a touch guilty, but not being able to resist, I gave in!  My credit card whining as I took it out to pay ~ low and behold ~ it was in the Sale anyway and the till rang up £12.99!

Brilliant, I shouldn't feel guilty if it was reduced by that much, should I?  'No,' I said, 'you shouldn't' so what did I do . . . . . . . . 

I bought a Tilda sewing box as well !!!!!

Well, that's been my stitchy news to-date.  Like so many of you my thoughts are with those overseas who have had to endure Hurricane Irene and although I've read that some of my blogging friends are safe, there are a couple yet to post so fingers crossed.  I saw the devastation Hurricane Katrina left behind when I was in Florida in 2005 and it's a horrible sight to see ~ our natural world, so beautiful but so cruel at times.

Thanks for stopping by