Sunday, 26 February 2012


Last Tuesday struck me down with the dreaded lurgy so with a lovely wheeze and hardly any voice at all, please come closer so I can whisper, try and shout out to you . . . .

LHN 'Winter Band Sampler'
Weeks Dye Works 30~count Parchment Linen
DMC threads

Red Cardinals and Snowflakes

Not sure if I should have left a light on in one of these windows, after all there are 2 little bunnies sitting at the bottom needing the odd carrot or two!

I loved stitching this one :) although there are only 8 colours to the design, I think it pops when it's finished especially the white snowflakes!  I do have an idea of a finish which actually ~ hold your breath ~ may not be a pillow!!!

Sleep is minimal at the moment as that seems to be the time when the continual coughing takes hold, so I have made use of my extra hours and started my next project and I really dug down deep in the stash box for this one . . .

This gorgeous design uses 39 different colours for the 'patches'.  I love the fact that I can pick and choose which patch I fancy stitching next and so I'm hoping that with it being quite a large design this random method will stop me getting bored with it . . . hmm, famous last words!!!

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