Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I'm now going to sound like the very novice Blogger that I am . . . . .

Firstly I really appreciate you lovely ladies who have opted to follow my Blog, I have only been going for 1 month and the response I have had is fantastic!  I have recently been nominated for a Sunshine Award, something I never expected so soon  and am very grateful for it but I am unsure if I have the right to accept it?  I believe to accept it I would need to nominate 10 further people for the award and as I don't have lots of followers (yet!!!) and I think most of the ones I do already have this award, would it be the correct thing to do?  Also I have to add links to their names . . . . HELP! I haven't got a clue how to do that?

Secondly, I am struggling with abbreviations . . .  I have worked out that W.I.P. is 'work in progress' but keep coming across SAL, RAK, PIF, LNS, UFOs . . . how useless am I? L.O.L!  All help appreciated!

Now about my visit to the Stitch & Craft Show last Saturday.  DD (not very creative with needle & thread but loves a day out) and I set off early to London complete with food, drink and my shopping list in preparation for what might be a long, busy day . . .  MIGHT? LONG? BUSY!  I'd never seen anything like it and my DD looked at me horrified at the prospect of battling through the mass of people to fulfil my shopping list and after 2 hours suffering from sore feet and bruises from elbows, bags and shopping trollies we waved the white flag!

I knew which stall I wanted to shop at and thankfully it was there ~ a lovely lady with a huge assortment of charts from all my favourite American designers so here's the new Stash ....

'Stitches of Love' kit with rusty heart buttons  *  'Midnight Watch' chart by Blackbird Designs  *  'Cluck Cluck' kit by The Stitching Shed  *  'Coffee Crazy' chart by Lizzie*Kate  *   'Cuddly Bunny' Stitchlet kit by Mouseloft  *  'Happy Bunny Bunny Day' chart by the Trilogy  *  'Easter Blessings' chart by Lizzie*Kate  *  2 pretty Fat Quarters  *   28ct Cashel Linen  *  2 skeins of overdyed floss by Needle Necessities  *   a 'Buttons' jar from East of India  *  6 assorted buttons for W.I.P.s   * and finally by kind delivery from the Postman that same day : 'Snowy Pines' kit by Little House of Needleworks . . . . PHEW!

Now I see my new stash in pictures and words, yes it was worth it!  But poor DD was celebrating a friend's birthday the following day and was invited to go Paintballing at 9.15am early morning some 15 miles away. This involved a 7 hour duration of being dressed top to toe in what resembled the SAS outfit of black armour, black helmet, black goggles and a heavy paintball gun (DD loves 'pink', 'shoes', 'handbags' !!!) ~ when she finally got home she was exhausted and to add to the previous days sore feet and bruising she had even more purple patches and resembled a dalmation dog - we laughed together, opened a bag of cookies and picked ourselves up again with hot chocolate and cappuccino!