Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I'm now going to sound like the very novice Blogger that I am . . . . .

Firstly I really appreciate you lovely ladies who have opted to follow my Blog, I have only been going for 1 month and the response I have had is fantastic!  I have recently been nominated for a Sunshine Award, something I never expected so soon  and am very grateful for it but I am unsure if I have the right to accept it?  I believe to accept it I would need to nominate 10 further people for the award and as I don't have lots of followers (yet!!!) and I think most of the ones I do already have this award, would it be the correct thing to do?  Also I have to add links to their names . . . . HELP! I haven't got a clue how to do that?

Secondly, I am struggling with abbreviations . . .  I have worked out that W.I.P. is 'work in progress' but keep coming across SAL, RAK, PIF, LNS, UFOs . . . how useless am I? L.O.L!  All help appreciated!

Now about my visit to the Stitch & Craft Show last Saturday.  DD (not very creative with needle & thread but loves a day out) and I set off early to London complete with food, drink and my shopping list in preparation for what might be a long, busy day . . .  MIGHT? LONG? BUSY!  I'd never seen anything like it and my DD looked at me horrified at the prospect of battling through the mass of people to fulfil my shopping list and after 2 hours suffering from sore feet and bruises from elbows, bags and shopping trollies we waved the white flag!

I knew which stall I wanted to shop at and thankfully it was there ~ a lovely lady with a huge assortment of charts from all my favourite American designers so here's the new Stash ....

'Stitches of Love' kit with rusty heart buttons  *  'Midnight Watch' chart by Blackbird Designs  *  'Cluck Cluck' kit by The Stitching Shed  *  'Coffee Crazy' chart by Lizzie*Kate  *   'Cuddly Bunny' Stitchlet kit by Mouseloft  *  'Happy Bunny Bunny Day' chart by the Trilogy  *  'Easter Blessings' chart by Lizzie*Kate  *  2 pretty Fat Quarters  *   28ct Cashel Linen  *  2 skeins of overdyed floss by Needle Necessities  *   a 'Buttons' jar from East of India  *  6 assorted buttons for W.I.P.s   * and finally by kind delivery from the Postman that same day : 'Snowy Pines' kit by Little House of Needleworks . . . . PHEW!

Now I see my new stash in pictures and words, yes it was worth it!  But poor DD was celebrating a friend's birthday the following day and was invited to go Paintballing at 9.15am early morning some 15 miles away. This involved a 7 hour duration of being dressed top to toe in what resembled the SAS outfit of black armour, black helmet, black goggles and a heavy paintball gun (DD loves 'pink', 'shoes', 'handbags' !!!) ~ when she finally got home she was exhausted and to add to the previous days sore feet and bruising she had even more purple patches and resembled a dalmation dog - we laughed together, opened a bag of cookies and picked ourselves up again with hot chocolate and cappuccino!



Deb said...

I think that you can probably bypass passing the award on to others right now. They've been flying around like crazy, but then again if you have a few that you really enjoy reading you could nominate them.

The abbreviations are:

SAL - Stitch A Long
RAK - Random Act of Kindness
PIL - Play It Forward or Pass it Forward (I think - I've never been involved in one of those)
LNS - Local Needlework Shop
UFOs - Unfinished Objects (which most of us stitches have quite a few)

Love all that stash you picked up. It must have been such a fun day!! And my son loves Paintball, but you certainly can come home with some nasty bruises!

Siobhan said...

I echo what Deb has said, except to add that PIF is Pay It Forward. I definitely think you have the right to accept the award (& be proud!), and you can just do a blanket 'this is for all the people who read my blog' type thing for the people to receive it.

Great stash! It sounds like a fun day.

Lesleyanne said...

I agree with the abbreviations (PIF pay it forward I think). There are some that I still don't know. I am new to blogging so was going to do what Siobhan had suggested. LOVELY new stash. I am thinking about going to the show in November - still not sure.

Myra said...

Great stash! I am happy for you that you were able to get some of the things you wanted.

Pumpkin said...

I think Deb answered all the abbreviations that you were wondering about :o)

FANTASTIC stash! I'm drooling all over my keyboard ;o)

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Wow, nice stash! You look like you're in the mood for spring too. Thanks for stopping by my Blog....Nancy

Carol said...

You got some amazing stash, Jane! I stitched the Trilogy Happy Bunny Day a while ago and it was such fun--have yet to finish it though. You'll get used to all of the abbreviations before too long :)

FayeRaye said...

Jane.....thanks so much for visiting my blog~~ I see some of the experts have given you advise on the "codes" we use~~ Good deal and I love your stash!~~ We definitely have smiliar tastes..I look forward to your ongoing posts~~ Faye

Always smiling said...

Hey Jane,
Thanks for stopping by my blog... the Award in my view is a great honour and because you're new to blogging you can just nominate anyone who reads your blog so that would mean everyone!

Have fun with that stash, omgosh how will you decided what to do first??
Happy stitching and hugs.
Chris x

poussy stiches my love said...

I like your blog I feel good there!
Best regards

Ginnie said...

Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I am busy with Prom dresses etc for my daughters... getting 2 in one go was expensive! Great stash and glad you enjoyed the show.
Ginnie x