Monday, 6 April 2015


Just popping in quick to wish everyone a slightly belated Happy Easter ~ hope your Easter Sunday was a good one with lots of family festivities and a visit from the Easter bunny.
We had the grandparents over for the day yesterday and although an empty seat does bring some sadness it was still a nice day with lots of memories shared and everyone enjoying their meal and the company :)

I've been a busy bunny and have managed to stitch up the second part of the '12 Days of Christmas SAL' . . .

Loving this SAL and I'm pleased with this 2nd part ~ I love the white goose standing alongside Mother Night as she sprinkles snow around her

The Primitive Hare's description of this day reads:

27 December: 2nd Day of Berctha ~ The second day of Christmas is the MOTHER NIGHT.
A few words by John Matthew's book 'The Winter Solstice':
... another older figure known throughout Germany is Frau Holle but a better name for her is MOTHER OF CHRISTMAS.  Deriving from the ancient figure of the Mother Goddess, the feminine principle of deity, she was regarded as a bringer of fertility and justice ... she rode through the land during the 12 days dispensing gifts from a sleigh pulled by dogs.  The most famous story about Mother Holle is the folk tale collected by the Brothers Grimm.  Holle is also the ancient Goddess that brings snow in Winter.

Easter always means bunnies to me and deep down in 'that' pile, you know the one that you hear scream 'finish me' everytime you open the draw was a finish from March 2013 ~ Rosie the Rabbit . . .

Time for some Tilda fabric and some pink buttons to match her name and here she is . . .


I finished the next one only yesterday before the family arrived.  It was a find on the internet and only showed the graph in black and white, I couldn't find it stitched anywhere to give a clue to colours so this is my offering . . .

a simple white border

with a brown hare leaping over spring grass

The corners on the graph were little squares but I changed them to hearts to match the fabric colour, again another Tilda one then added some pom pom trim for a decorative finish!

I'm pleased with these 2 finishes ~ nice pastel colours which will brighten up those gloomy days that sometimes just won't go away :(

and finally ~
a decision ~ tea towel or hare, tea towel or hare, tea towel or hare . . .

Tea Towel

the Hare wins

double sided too so a choice of colour!

This is called Hester Hare and was a find in a local craft shop, the designer has several animals to choose from but the hare won the day, easy to sew but a real pain in the butt to stuff ~ those ears!

Finally ~ Thank you for your offering of names for my knitted bunny in my last post ~ all great names but how could I not choose Barb's choice 'Bobbins' ~ perfect, thanks Barb and thanks too for the lovely homemade Easter card you sent, cute bunnies!

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