Saturday, 9 November 2013


Good afternoon blogging friends from a miserable and very wet England, Winter is most certainly on its way!
Thank you so much everyone for all your messages of 'Welcome Back' after my absence, I truly appreciate them and feel very happy to be back in our wonderful community again xxx

I've something freshly finished to show you . . .

This is my Angel Bear made from a Dandelion Designs pattern and finished literally 10 minutes ago before the quickly fading daylight disappears!

I've made him from soft cream fleece and felt with cotton fabric and wadding for his wings (not sure why I'm calling him a 'him', it just sounds right!) and I've used wooden buttons to attach his arms and legs.  I struggled with his muzzle and this is my 2nd attempt ~ the designer of these patterns insists that all  bears should have upturned lines for their mouths so they look happy but honestly mine looked like it had had one or two drinks and maybe popped a pill or two, it looked that wacky so, sorry, but although mine is a more subdued bear, he does look sane!

He's hanging from the kitchen cabinet door so you can see the fabric I used for his wings, it has little stars on it and they show up lovely with the light behind them.

I'm reckoning if he's an Angel Bear then he's full of love so I've added a felt heart just to remind him!

My other Angel Bears are stitched on plastic canvas and I think they were stitched about 5 years ago from a kit.  They make their annual appearance at Christmas and they've been attached to a wicker ring which usually hangs in the hallway with its festive 'Greetings' message.

Not much cross stitching to show at the moment, I'm so in love with my new sewing machine that that's what I'm doing in every spare minute I can find!  To now have a machine that quietly and happily stitches long with no weird groaning, no messy birds nests at the back of the fabric and one that doesn't pass out at the sight of fleece and wadding is absolute bliss :)

Our apple trees are now virtually bare in the garden and we had a wonderful healthy crop this year.  DS was clearing up some fallen ones last week and putting them on the compost heap and came across this . . .

WOW, this toadstool is some size and I'm convinced there must be a whole family of fairies living under it or with this dreadful wet weather there's probably some wildlife using it as a handy umbrella.

Thanks for stopping by