Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Good afternoon blogging friends!
It's a lovely sunny but very chilly day here in the South and a welcome sight after a whole day of heavy rain yesterday. 

Well, finally I have 2 working feet again and am walking without crutches.  I'm now in the transition stage of air boot to orthotic and so far so good ~ 30 mins to start with and increasing by 30 mins each day until I can wear the orthotic without pain during or afterwards for 4 hours :)
I go back to the Specialists in 4 and 8 weeks time to see if all is as it should be on an X-ray and then to decide whether I need a permanent orthotic or not.
Fingers crossed!

In my last post I showed you my new WIP and a couple of bloggers have asked who the design was by, sorry I missed typing that info and sorry I haven't been able to contact those bloggers personally ~ my computer just won't let me and if I am successful the emails come pinging back to me with the message 'fatal error' ~ that's not very nice is it?  Anyway . . .  the designer is Sara Guermani, the design is called 'A Beautiful Dream' and she has her own web shop and also sells on Etsy.

It's a treat to stitch and my little Christmas Village now has some greenery as five lovely conifers have joined the scenery!

Think this is probably now my only way of seeing snow this year and that's by stitching it!

Lovey Christmas reds and greens

I'm stitching 'A Beautiful Dream' alongside another design.
With the birthday money I received last year for my 'special' birthday I wanted to buy a cross stitch that would commemorate that day to me and something all the family would appreciate in future times so after surfing the internet for some considerable time  I chose this one ...

'Santa's Nap'
A rosy faced Santa and lots of puppy dogs ~ who could resist?

I was a little shocked at the amount of thread that came with this kit, thank goodness it was already pre-sorted!

Not much to show so far and it's back to the old days with this kit as it's stitched on good old Aida, 18 count and has lots of lovely back stitching afterwards but I know, although a pain, backstitching will really bring this design alive.

Tilly and Oscar continue to do well and now only have 2 more days of medication ~ no more symptoms and her condition remains stable :)
I would miss any of my pets so much if I lost any of them, whilst I have been laid up with the fractured foot they have been such good company, sounds silly doesn't it? (must be an age thing!!!)

Thanks for stopping by
Stay warm