Sunday, 14 April 2013


I really do feel a complete failure today!

Firstly a big Thank You to those of you that left me a comment on my last post relating to my question of the colour of snow!  I really did appreciate you taking the time and it was so surprising at how different each of us regard how snow should look.
The overall winner seemed to be B5200 so why am I feeling so miserable now?
I've tried the B5200 and it's just tooooo white and stark against the other colours used, I've tried the Blanc/White and it just gives the look of grey snow so I've stitched, unpicked, stitched unpicked, stitched and unpicked (funny how stitching an area is so much quicker than unpicking it!) and finally gave in and used the suggested 3865.  I had heard from HAED last week and was firmly told that this was the correct colour and was even sent pictures of someone else's progress of this design and blow me if it didn't look a lovely shade of white! 

This is my progress so far . . . 

The camera has lightened this picture considerably but believe me the snow is still cream! (the top of the Bell Tower is unstitched!) To top it all, the hassle of keep unpicking areas I felt had spoilt the fabric in those areas so I gently washed it to revive it and Hey Presto ~ the fabric's shrunk ~ not too bad but the 3" extra fabby around the design has reduced a fair bit!

I don't know why it isn't doing it for me but I do feel that the stitching should portray the picture shown to promote it and this in no way does?
So it's official ~ after 4 weeks work ~ I give in, feel totally fed up with it and I am a FAILURE.

Good job my dear friend Barb sent me another surprise package this week, I say surprise but I keep forgetting to tell Barb my surname so the packages arrive addressed to Jane, Tilly and Oscar ~ a complete giveaway but does make me laugh!

Lots of bunny goodness 

A pretty embossed card, a gorgeous felted heart with bunny button

but just look at this for cuteness, oh I just love it, Barb has added pretty beads down each side which match the thread colours perfectly

and even the back of the cushion has a bunny

I am so so lucky to have Barb as a friend ~ I've told her I now have a 'Barb Shelf' so all her gorgeous stitched goodies can be displayed together ~ thank you Barb, you know how much it means at the moment xxx

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Monday, 1 April 2013


Yes, I know you are all going to say white but not all white is white is it?

My dilemma . . . I've made a good start on my HAED 'A Real Snow Job' and now want to start adding the snow bits ~ there's an awful lot of them, believe me, 10 skeins worth!  The threads came in the post last week and when I opened them, my immediate thought was ugh that's cream, not white, I double-checked the thread number and nope, they're correct ~ cream snow!

Jane Wooster Scott is the artist of this work of art . . .

and amongst her many glorious paintings she did several with snow.  When I checked the thread colours used on her other designs HAED have produced they are all done using B5200 so now in doubt and not wanting dirty snow I contacted HAED, had a very confusing response with a promise of a further email last Friday afternoon and guess what ~ no reply, not too impressed and feel a bit let down!

So blogging friends ~ what colour is snow?

B5200 ~ bright white . . . Blanc ~ white . . . 3865 Winter White (this is the one listed to use)

I know many of you stitch lovely winter scenes and snowmen so wondered if you could give some suggestions or links to the ones you have stitched and feel they truly represent snow.  I just feel the snow looks so lovely and bright in the original artwork that to get the colour wrong will be a BIG mistake and OMG! the thought of unpicking white confetti stitches on 25 count 1over1 ~ my sanity could be in question!

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter and the bunny brought you lots of edible goodies

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