Friday, 1 June 2012


You may remember me saying in my last post that 'I couldn't put this one down' so I'm happy to say 'Sophie's Roses' is complete and I'm really pleased with it . . .

A few decisions to make along the way ~ there was a second border to stitch but I just felt this floral and vine one was so pretty and quite busy that I would leave it as it was . . .

but that gap at the bottom right hand corner bothered me!

more flowers? maybe a bird?  a watering can?

you guessed it ~ a little bunny with white bobtail fits perfectly and what every little girl and garden needs . . .

finished this morning into a pillow with the polka dot fabric shown in the background ~ a perfect match to Sophie's shoes xxx

Big celebrations this weekend in the UK as we celebrate our Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a 4-day holiday, hopefully the sun will shine and some time in the garden with the BBQ (and some cross-stitching) will be the order of the day!

Now, don't get the wrong idea, yes this is a can of Pimm's and yes, at 1.20pm in the afternoon it is OPEN!
but this is not a regular indulgence ~ I'm trying to steady my nerves as DD has just left for college and about to sit her first A level exam and as calm as she is . . . I'M NOT!  She's given 110% throughout her college years and really deserves to do well but it is a worry and her dream of Uni is dependent on successful results ~ Good Luck DD, love you lots xxx

Tomorrow DD and I are off to see Coldplay in concert in London ~ it's a sell-out Tour and tomorrow will see a crowd of 60,000 enjoying their brilliant music ~ can't wait, we shall leave early, have lunch out and then sing our hearts out!

Have a lovely weekend everybody
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