Friday, 12 March 2010


The signs of Spring have briefly teased us here in the South of England but now have gone away and today it's cold, wet and very gloomy ~ Buttons and I are not impressed!  I think the effects of last week's traumatic episode have caught up with me these past couple of days and I have felt a little the same as today's weather so Buttons has been in the Kitchen keeping me company ~ me with my daily essential Cappuccino and Buttons with his carrots and green beans.

I sorted out another past completed project today ~ 'Wildlife Sampler' and although I have a mount cut ready for it I cannot find a frame the right size anywhere so another small cushion ~ what do you think?
Although the bunny on it is a brown hare it reminds me of Buttons with the colouring and the upright ears, the little footprint at the top is labelled fox tracks and the mouse at the bottom is a field mouse.  Both these two are regular visitors to our back garden (unwelcome ones) - both come to visit Buttons - one to probably make a meal of him if he could, the other to eat his food and nest in his stock of straw!

I have been topping up the stash box the last couple of days ~ retail therapy DH, always cheers you up!  I have LHN 'Snowy Pines' on its way to me and see today they have just released the next ornament 'Winter Sheep' so will have to hunt that out too.  The Postie has also delivered LHN 'Snowflakes' chart, Just Cross Stitch 2009 Ornament publication and Lizzie*Kate's 'Cross Stitcher in Residence'.

And finally . . . . . from Buttons . . . . . HAPPY STITCHING!