Wednesday, 16 March 2011


After a week of struggling with my eyesight, frogging, knots, burning the midnight oil and tearing my hair out I've come to the conclusion that for me 'one over one = not much fun'! 

Bunny Gingham is complete but I HATED stitching it and I really, really struggled!
I had never stitched' one over one' before and this turned out to be real proof that I need to go back to the Opticians for probably a stronger lens for close-up work.
I miscounted so many times and kept forgetting that the squares were 12 holes each and not 10, my single strand of GAST just kept knotting and the chart niggled at me that the individual letters were not central in each gingham square so silly me decided to centre them up causing me even more problems as I just couldn't see the holes!
Perhaps life would have been easier if my hunt for my magnifying glass that attaches to my floor-standing daylight lamp had been successful but it seems to have hidden itself somewhere up in the attic resulting in me having to stitch with one hand and hold a tiny brass magnifying glass with the other  . . . . .

OK, so the finished piece is quite cute and yes! OK I do quite like it but a stripey bunny???????

Tilly's not too impressed either, me staying up until gone midnight frogging disturbed sleepy time in bunny land and I think she was worried that a lack of sleep might turn her stripey too!!!

 I really admire all of you that stitch such tiny count projects, well done you, but for me it's back to normal (and sanity) and 2 over 2 on 28count please!

BIG day on Friday, don't know how I had missed it or not remembered before but it's the big stitching and craft show up in London and as DD has a free day on Friday we're heading up to fill our boots!  Wish me luck, if it's anything like last year I shall be trodden on, bashed into with handbags, even trollies, and
look like I've been 10 rounds in the fighting ring.

Tilly and I both thank you for your lovely comments on our last post and so happy to hear you liked our video