Monday, 10 May 2010


Clever, clever Buttons!  A 70% chance of success and nearly 10 years old  ~ No Problem.

A very stressy day last Wednesday started with an 8am visit to the Vets with Buttons for his op.  The vet was lovely and gave me her assurance she would do everything possible to give us all a happy outcome.
At 11am she rang me ~ op was over, tumor (quite a large one) was removed and Buttons had come round from his anaesthetic.  I was so relieved, (tissue box was near empty at this time) and she said to ring again at 3pm to see how he was doing.   3pm, no problems, although sleepy he was doing everything they needed him to do - eating, drinking and pooping so back home he came and spent the whole evening sleeping on my lap . . .

and the next day . . .
 When can I get back out in the garden and where's my watercress?

Buttons and I want to say a BIG HEARTFELT THANKYOU to you lovely, lovely bloggers who were so kind and left messages of good luck and wishes ~ they definitely worked xxx

Now to stitching, well lack of it really.  I have started a new stitch 'When Witches Go Riding' by The Prairie Schooler and have made some progress, it's a fairly easy stitch as it only uses 7 colours and they are just DMC threads.  I have a sad lack of cross stitch fabric at the moment so opted for Jobelan Antique White which I'm not convinced by but I hope when it's finished and I add some spooky fabric to it, it may all come together. 

For the past 9 years the end of May has been our time of year to come to Florida for our dose of sunshine, Disney, shopping malls, the most friendliest people I've ever met and most importantly my stock-up of everything cross-stitch.  This year DD will be sitting her exams at this time and obviously they come first, she has worked so hard for them and we are trying to keep distractions to a minimum until they're over so I'm suffering severe withdrawal symptoms at the moment and waiting to see what we can plan for later on this year.

SO, I think for all the above reasons that gives me the right of some retail therapy (c/o DH) and so far . . .
Lizzie*Kate set of 'Flip It Bits' charts with embellishment buttons

Lizzie*Kate 'Charity & Ewe' chart and Lizzie*Kate 'Bless Our Home' Snippet

Jobelan 28ct Bay Leaf, Jobelan 28ct Wood Violet and 28ct Riviera Linen by Graziano - cream/natural gingham

'The Needleworker's Sampler' by Sue Hillis Designs
(a 50p find at the local charity shop)

OK, ladies that's all for this post.  Another thank you to all who sent me such lovely messages on my last post, I have only been blogging since end of February so it's lovely to know people take the time to do this.
A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the overseas Mummys ~ hope it was a good one and you were thoroughly spoilt for the day?

Buttons and I are two very Happy Bunnies . . . HAPPY STITCHING x x x