Sunday, 31 March 2013


Little Nutbrown Hare spotted a tadpole in a pool.
It was a tiny tadpole, as wriggly as could be.
'It will grow up to be a frog' said Big Nutbrown Hare.
'Like that frog over there?'
'Just the same as that one,' said Big Nutbrown Hare.


Easter  and Sunshine today ~ we are being spoilt!

Talking of which, I had the most lovely surprise this week sitting on my doorstep . . .

My dear blogging friend Barb gifted me this absolutely gorgeous bunny mug, choccie eggs and Easter card

It's by the company Two Bad Mice who do the most sweetest illustrations of bunnies ~ this one is called 'Cloud Watching' ~ some very chilled bunnies there I think!

This little fellow is on the back of the mug ~ something's got his nose twitching?

I was thrilled to bits with my gift, really touched at Barb's kindness.  We are both keeping our fingers crossed for good news this coming week, Barb let me know as soon as you get yours and I will do the same!  You know how much this meant to me ~ Hugs xxx

I've collected a  few other cards from this company which always make me smile when I look at them . . .

This is just so Tilly and Oscar!

This is us isn't it blogging friends?  Putting the world to rights with our girlie chats!

A new Hare sitting on the mantlepiece ~ found this on the High Street, couldn't resist!

And another unexpected prezzie ~ this one's from DH who had only gone out to get a loaf of bread up the village but spotted these in a shop on the way ~ too cute!

So it's a bunny overload for me this Easter but thought I should finish this post with the real thing 


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