Monday, 14 November 2011


I have to start this post with yet another very big thank you to my lovely blogging friends who left me messages of good wishes and support on my recent 24 hours of blood pressure excitement, delights, TORTURE!  I am so pleased to report that although the night was certainly one to remember! the results were good and have put my mind at rest ~ the thought that now I have to endure this 24hr agony once every 12 months does not appeal too much but it's so worth it when the results can be downloaded the very next day and told to me immediately!

Stitchy news ~ a small finish with a few hiccups along the way . . .

I ordered this Pine Mountain kit in an on-line Sale recently and thought it was really cute but when it arrived the stitching fabric was completely different?  The material described on the front picture description is not what is shown in the photograph ~ naughty Pine Mountain!  As it is already pre-sewn and I did not have anything that remotely resembled what the picture showed, I stuck with it but a couple of the threads supplied just didn't show up so I have had to change the colour choices . . .

I contacted Pine Mountain and have to say they have been really fast in their response telling me that the fabric shown is no longer available so it has been substituted with another and for my disappointment they have let me choose another kit which they will send on to me at no cost.  I am disappointed that it hasn't turned out as I hoped but I cannot fault Pine Mountain for their fantastic response!

It does look pretty doesn't it ~ it reminds me of a hand-wrapped candy waiting to be opened!

I wonder if any of you know what this next project is?

I'm wondering if I say it's stitched with silk threads 1 over 2 on Cranberry Bog 32-count linen whether it will give it away but this designer is a first for me and I'm loving it!

Only problem is ~ this little rascal is shedding fur at the moment and boy! do they show up on red linen!

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