Friday, 4 February 2011


Happy February everyone!

I, for one, am glad to say goodbye to January this year, whether it was the events over Christmas and the beginning of the year that seemed to have sent a dark cloud over me or just the gloomy miserable weather I don't know but the sooner Spring arrives and some bright weather the better.

So to help lift the mood the planned Winter stitches have been returned back to the 'Please Remember I'm Here & Stitch Me' box and a more colourful zingy W.I.P. has began ~ Cup Cakes by the Historical Sampler Company . . . .

Good enough to eat and very low-calorie too!!!

  Lovely to stitch but the cakes are in pieces at the moment as I cannot decide whether to use the cream thread provided in the kit ,which is very much like the linen colour, or use a brighter DMC white.  I did contact HSC just to check if the photo on the front of the kit had been stitched with the one provided and they assure me it has and WILL show up when I use it with the other colours.  I have decided to leave all the creamy bits until last and then stitch a little with both choices and see which is best.

This cake is a little more caloriffic but how cute ~ DD's 17th birthday cake.

I'm feeling very guilty as even more calories were added in the evening when we all went out to an Italian Restaurant and celebrated but I'm pretty sure I'll get to walk all the extra pounds off this weekend as her birthday wishes were for money so she could have a shopping day out on Saturday and I also get to go to my favourite shop for fabrics and embellishments.

I have finished my L*K 'Love Crazy' stitch from my last post but as I've yet to decide on a finish for it I'll leave it until next time for showing.

Enjoy your weekend ~ hope it's full of stitches