Friday, 3 February 2012


Lots of celebrations today as DD turns 18!

Those of you more observant will note that this post was published at 23.45pm and whilst DH, Tilly, Oscar and I sit cuddled up in the Study thinking of bedtime, the rest of the house has been taken over by many, many 18yr old girls, champagne glasses are clinking, the iPod docking station is blaring out Lady GaGa and 'Party Time' has just begun! (funny my 14yr old twin boys seem to want to be with the girls rather than Mummy & Daddy and seem only too keen to be Waiters for the night!)

DD ready for Party Time
Her Grandad bought her the pink roses behind her, they've been sprayed with silver glitter and almost look as pretty as she does!

Oh 18 seems a long time ago, so long I don't think I can even remember!
21 was different as that was the age I was married so who knows what the next 3 years will bring  her ~ well hopefully it's going to bring 3 years of Uni as she has now had acceptance offers from all her chosen Uni's ~ yes, you've guessed right . . . very proud Mum posting here and very happy to sit up until dawn breaks!

Now, I could be putting all this spare? time to good use but have I had a yucky week with my current WIP or what?  1 over 1 on 32~count is just not me despite a pair of glasses, a magnifying glass and a daylight lamp and still those rotten frogs kept marching right on in.
So last night I was more than happy to have completed the 4 small squares that needed this horrible size stitching, put it aside and take time to fall in love with it again!

Snow expected here tomorrow, not as bad as some parts of our Country have at the moment, but it will  be our first snowfall of 2012 ~ I am actually looking forward to it, I do love the Winter Wonderland it brings but the 1 fall is enough and if it can come and go by Monday morning that will be great!

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