Sunday, 29 August 2010


After what seems like an eternity of waiting this happy little eskimo more commonly known as DD collected her exam results on Tuesday and clever, clever DD passed all of them with merits as well!
Soooooo, sooooo pleased for her and with her final interview with the College next week her place and all of her chosen courses look to be guaranteed ~ well done DD you deserve your success xxx

The gang only have 1 week left of their Summer Hols and although we have not been away the days seem busy and my job as taxi driver continues.  I don't see to be able to settle to any one project at the moment so 'Washing Day' has had no progress to it at all and my little Mousecroft garden friends are still waiting for their finish BUT I did squeeze in this small stitch in the week ~

This was a kit called 'Sew Stitches of Love' by Trudie Ann Designs bought back in April at the London Stitch Fair.  I stitched it on the 16-count Rustico Aida that it came with but changed the colours to my choice and added a bunny to the bottom.  The two rusty tin hearts also came with the kit and I used the chequered fabric for the backing of the pillow.

Tilly seems to like it and an attempted nibble on the top corner seems to prove this!

The weather here in 'the not-so-sunny-England' has been horrible and not what the Summer Hols should be!  It's grey and gloomy most days and our longed-for rain not so long ago has now overstayed its welcome, the evenings have been so chilly we have even contemplated switching the central heating on - this is August we're still in isn't it? 

So when these gloomy days appear that's when items of comfort come calling!  Is anyone else like me and has something or someone (usually food) that cheers you up and gives a good warm feeling - my weaknesses are Rice Pudding with Strawberry Jam, hot custard that's runny enough to drink out of a mug and an extra cup or two of cappuccino!  I cannot bear to be bare-footed and slippers are my biggest comfort and the more pairs the better.  DH and DD went shopping the other day and came back with these little furries for my feet - how cute, I've yet to introduce them to Tilly but something tells me she may make best friends with them pretty quickly!

I see a lot of blogging friends have started, and many already finished, some Halloween stitches. I always think cross-stitch is the best at this time of year, there are some great witchy stitches and fun pumpkins to be created and sitting at the bottom of my Stash Box are quite a few which have been overlooked again and again until it's too late and back they go to the bottom of the pile.

So this is the first one I shall tackle ~ Lizzie*Kate's 'Hats Off To Halloween' and I shall use some Gentle Art colours that again always get left at the bottom of the box:

Although my stitching progress has been slow my unveiling of our gorgeous chair hasn't!  I am rubbing this all down by hand using good old sandpaper and I'm really enjoying it, as you can see from the 2 photos the original wood is lovely and light and has nice patterns in the wood grain.

years of stain and varnish

And finally, those gloomy days shouting out to me that Winter is getting closer and closer had me hunting out my crochet hook.  Now this really is a thing of the past for me but I have seen some lovely creations on blogging friends posts recently so I thought I'd give it a go again.  I'm not crocheting individual granny squares which I know do give a better finish and a chance to play with colours, I am keeping it simple and round and round I keep going just changing the colour when I feel like it.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, tomorrow is a Bank Holiday here in England so an extra day off and for us it will be a celebratory tea for Grandad's birthday and DD's exam results.