Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare were down
by the river on a summer's day.
On a summer's day there are colours everywhere.

~~~ oOo ~~~

Shouting from the rooftops here . . . my test results are all okay!
It basically looks like tightening up on my blood glucose control will improve my general well being and the other problems are now being successfully dealt with too . . . I am so relieved :)

Everything looks so pretty today, the sun is with us again and the summer colours are beautiful.  The gardens come alive at this time of year (which reminds me thank you all so much for your comments on my garden pics ~ glad you liked them) ~ I just love the colour of Summer.

DH brought these home yesterday to celebrate my good news ~ Rainbow Carnations ~ my favourite flower of all and these are all shades of pink and just gorgeous.

I mentioned in my last post I was stitching something a bit unusual but still, I felt, very cute.
Well, what do you think?


Not exactly a cute fluffy puppy or kitten but I couldn't resist!  I even got the sewing machine out this afternoon and stitched him into a pillow, added pink buttons to match my flowers and this evening he's taken up residence in my Sewing Room down the garden.

I used a beige and cream spotted fabric for the front and back and still have plenty left, so what to do with it?  My sewing machine is still sitting on the table and if I listen very carefully I'm sure it's shouting at me to do something different and a little more adventurous than a cross stitched pillow!

Hmmmm!  I have an idea!

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