Wednesday, 30 July 2014


It's been a long 6 months since my last post and I do apologize for my AWOL ~ life has been very cruel and horrible in that time and until now I have not had any blogging enthusiasm whatsoever!

I have started and restarted this post so many times and don't really know how to put into words how life has been turned upside down so to be short and sweet ~
 I lost my precious mother-in-law to cancer in early March despite having been given the all clear after a double mastectomy 2 years previous ~ it all happened very quickly but we all feel her loss every day and it's very hard to accept and at the moment talk about x
I was already ill during this stressful time but ended up with a life-threatening illness 2 days after our loss for which I was hospitalised for 5 days and after being allowed home was taken back to hospital with a heart condition, I have struggled with these experiences and have had many dark days which I didn't feel was right to reveal on my blog.

That's all I'm going to share at the moment, I have titled this post 'A New Start' and that's what I intend to do ~ as my cricket loving DH would say I shall be 'half a century and not out' later in the year so I am concentrating on getting healthy again and looking forward!

I lost a good part of my eyesight whilst ill, which I was told would return, and as I've got better, it has but I found cross stitch very hard to do during that time so my fabric stash and sewing machine have been very hard at work instead!

I've so much to show over the next few posts but this is was my 
first finish . . .

'Ollie Owl' 

The pattern has been sitting in the cupboard for ages, I had looked at it several times but wasn't sure if I could do it but although a little fiddly in places it came together quite well and I'm pleased with the outcome.
The fabric choices were my own and I attached his wings with buttons so they could swivel round rather than stitch them on and added the little heart on his tummy x

It's not all bad news though in my life . . .

Remember our new addition to the family back in January?
Well, I'm pleased to say Monty has made a good recovery from his ordeals and now at 8 months old is the most loveable and affectionate bundle of fur ever!

He's my shadow and we do virtually everything together!

Talking of which, it's time for 'walkies' ~ exercise for me and lots of sniffs and saying hello to literally everyone we pass for Monty!

Thank you for stopping by and continuing to follow me, I really do appreciate it and hopefully normal service has once again resumed!

Take Care
Happy Stitching