Thursday, 2 December 2010

OK, SO A 'BIT' OF SNOW . . . .

OK, so yesterday's 'bit' of snow was nice, pretty, christmassy and I can cope with  BUT this is taking it too far :

nearly 2ft of snow overnight
Winter Wonderland in the back garden

My sewing bench

'My driveway is there, somewhere?'

How beautiful you're all saying, how pretty, what fun for all the children?
NO!, the driveway has disappeared, we cannot open the garage and if we could the roads are so laden with snow the car would be useless, over 5,000 schools, most airports and all public transport are at a complete shutdown and to top it all our central heating packed up over night and no Engineers can get here until at least tomorrow!!!
Even Tilly, after being moved in to the house this week from her summer hutch, is begging to go back to the garage where it's probably warmer!
AND the forecast ~ more snow, I think Siberia would be warmer than here.

On the positive, snow makes the house so bright that cross-stitching is great, any excuse to make cookies is great, having everybody home safe and ? (I would say warm!) is great and Oh! I so don't want to admit it but it is sooooooooooooooooo pretty!