Friday, 24 January 2014


It's been a month since I last posted so before I share my news with you I have to wish you all a somewhat belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Our Christmas was lovely and although we now have some very frail older members of the family I am so thankful that we were able to share the festivities with them and bring smiles to their faces x

I have done a little stitching over the Christmas break but circumstances have changed drastically in the last 2 weeks and here's why . . .

Let me introduce you to our new addition ~ 
a golden cockapoo puppy aged approx. 10 weeks

The sad ongoing saga that accompanies his arrival is a hard one to share and for various reasons I cannot completely share it all at the moment but when DH and I went to view him some 2 hours drive away we found ourselves at very unclean, unhealthy and poor conditions and this little pup was not a happy one, nervous, withdrawn and no wagging tail.

I have read about the cruel ways some puppies are bred and all sensible advice is to leave alone and not pay money to these horrible people enabling them to continue BUT that's not me.  I let my brain rule my heart on the Saturday we first saw him and walked away but by the end of the evening DH and I had already made the decision that we would return the next day and bring him home.

And that's exactly what we did ~ another 2hr drive there and back with him wrapped in blankets all the way home with the seller providing us with no food for him, no puppy pack and no favourite toy all as advertised and since then no free 4week Petplan Insurance either!

Monty visited my own Vets the very following day for a full health check and to have his 1st vaccination repeated as we are pretty sure that we hadn't been told the truth about that either!  We had literally sat up all the previous night with him continually scratching and crying but wanted to be cuddled the whole time ~ he was slightly below weight but his heart, limbs and temperature were good but he was diagnosed with severe lice (biting ones) and his body was covered in scabs, treatment was given straight away.

The next day he passed blood continually so I took him straight back to the Vets and had to get samples for anaylsis ~ all tests came back positive and I have been  told he has acute intestine infections and because he cannot have his 2nd vaccination because he is so poorly he doesn't have any immunity to fight it, medicines alone will have to do it for him!

I thought at the beginning of the week I would lose him, he was a very poorly pup but the past 2 days have seen a great improvement and I'm hoping we have rescued him in time, I have no doubt at all that had we not bought him home that day he would have lost his life.

If you've got this far ~ thank you for bearing with me and if you still have dry eyes ~ well done!

Following advice from my Vet I have notified the relevant authorities and next week I will be giving a statement to an official, I have no interest in retrieving the monies lost, but a strong determination in helping them to rid our society of these cruel and horrible people.

I fell in love with this little fellow as soon as I saw him and I will do absolutely everything possible to give him the long and healthy life he deserves ~ we have so much to do together, so much to explore and discover, lovely long walk, lots of playtime, holidays and cuddles x

Every cockapoo has a different appearance but typically Monty has the curls of a poodle and the face of a spaniel, DH idolises him too and says he looks like a woolly lamb!

He has a sweet temperament and is very loving and for the Vet to comment on this too was lovely to hear

Training is going really well but we are not pushing it too much at the moment ~ let's get over the sore tummy first and the 2nd vaccination then we're set to go for fun, fun, fun.

Just one more thing, I'm sure a lot of you are thinking Hey, what about Tilly and Oscar? Dogs and Bunnies?
Well, one step at a time, I have not changed their lives or routine but just made sure that at the moment they are kept safe ~ Monty is well aware of them and they of him. They come inside to their cage at the end of the day and Monty sits and very patiently watches them, they both seem very settled for him to do so and come over to the wire frame and noses are rubbed together ~ one step at a time but I hope they can all live happily together xxx

Thanks for stopping by, apologies for not visiting anyone recently and a lack of stitching but I'll get there, just need a bit of time at the moment xxx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Yep, I've been so slow at getting my butt into gear this year that I never thought I'd get there but today I can breathe easy and begin to wind down!
The festive foods are all waiting in the fridges and larder, the presents are all wrapped, Mr. Turkey is defrosting and I think at long last, I can shout out I'M READY!

I haven't got all the sewing projects completed that I would have liked to but the bits that I have, I'll share with you now . . .

Another simple stitch and flip stocking with basic cream fabrics, looking quite boring at this stage!

Time to hunt the Christmas ribbons, trims and buttons out

and what a difference!

hanging up and all ready for Santa xxx

I stitched and showcased this little snowman back in January and he's been waiting patiently for a finish

so here he is, stitched up as another stocking

the green holly stitch is a programmed one from my sewing machine and I added the little Mill Hill beads as berries

This is a simple fabric panel 'The 12 Days of Christmas' which can be cut and used however you want

hmmm? no guessing as to what I chose

yep, more bunting but at least it's a change from the usual triangles

Christmas cookies for Santa and co.
(thanks to my gang of 3 for the mess and mayhem whilst making them!!!)

What a find!  Christmas bunny napkins for the table

but love the real thing better xxx

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and it's everything you wish it to be!  A lot of us, I know, have had sad times this year including the loss of our dear blogging friend Cathey, but I hope you can rejoice with the happy memories and not be sad, families are so precious and we should all make every second count that we share together xxx

Thank you for all your support and comments throughout the year.

love from Jane, Tilly and Oscar

Friday, 6 December 2013


So, December has arrived and the countdown is on! 

Having spent the last three Christmas's away in Florida and therefore being organised with present shopping, writing cards and running down the larder before going, I find myself at completely the opposite and quite behind so this coming weekend is full steam ahead. . . DH and I will be hitting the shops, the address book will be out and Mr.Turkey will be taking up residence in the freezer for the next couple of weeks!

Last weekend was a very special one for us ~ my twin boys decided a little while ago that they would like to be baptised at their regular church and dedicate their faith to God.  All my children were christened at 6 months but this is something an individual chooses for themselves and they have been preparing for it for the past few weeks with many meetings of reading, talking and listening. The church was crowded with nearly 200 people listening to their testimonies which were very moving and extremely emotional for me!  I am very proud of my sons (am I allowed to say that?) they are very much loved by their church friends and I know this commitment will be with them always through both the good and bad times, helping them to make the right decisions in their lives xxx

I expect you know the saying 'square eyes'?  

Oxford dictionary definition:
'square eyes' ~ noun ~ eyes supposedly affected by excessive television viewing

Well, I've just invented a new one:
'triangle eyes' ~ noun ~ eyes supposedly affected by excessive triangles to  make Christmas bunting!

72 individually cut triangles = 36 stitched double-sided triangles = 3 x 3 yards of bunting!

But there's a good reason for my now sudden urge to eat lots of Toblerone!

Each year my DH's company chooses a charity to support for 12 months and lots of fund-raising events take place to raise, obviously, money but also awareness of the need of continual support for these important organisations.

This year's was RMHC  . . .

Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent Charity which aims to provide free 'home away from home' accommodation at hospitals across the UK, enabling families to stay close to their sick child and maintain a degree of normal family life.
Many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children ~ a long time to be away or to divide a family.  And, for children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having mum and dad close by for love and support.
Ronald McDonald Houses are built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child ~ not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal or where they will lay their heads at night to rest.
They believe that when a child is hospitalized the love and support of family is as powerful as the strongest medicine prescribed.
Their houses are more than a place to stay ~ they offer comfort, support, a safe environment where families can interact, share their experiences and know that they will always have a shoulder to cry on.

This year a new house was built in Camberwell and the main target was to furnish and decorate the house to look like a home especially at Christmas!  This week, DH's company have had the privilege of decorating the house with Christmas trees, decorations and providing gifts for the families.
I hope a little bunting will help bring some warmth and comfort and those people affected will find the strength they need to help them through.
I've added a link below if you want to take a look or feel you can help ~ they are selling a cute hand drawn Christmas card of a robin, maybe you're like me and still behind on shopping!

I managed to sort those pesky cute little snowmen out too ~ my fingers still haven't forgiven me for that horrible plastic canvas!

I kept it simple and just sewed them down a piece of blue ribbon

attached that to a small wire hanger

made some little blue felt hearts with a wooden button

added some white snowflake buttons

and 3 small bells at the bottom

And that's me done for now ~ quite a busy and emotional week.  Wish me luck tomorrow at the shops ~ I may be gone sometime!!!

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Can I mention the word 'Snowman' before December?
Our forecast snow last week never arrived, just more rain, so no building snowmen just yet ~ only with stitches!

When I look back at my labels in my sidebar I'm horrified to see I showed this trio back in 2010 and even then I had first started them 2 years previous, all I had left to do was the white crosses for the falling snow ~ I'm surprised they hadn't melted!

What can you do with a small circular stitch other turn it into a card?
I wasn't too keen on doing that so with the help of a small jar of Colman's Mustard I cut some circles into felt, added some stitched snowflakes and then warmed them up with a surrounding blanket stitch, it is still a pillow, although only lightly stuffed, but I'm happy with it :)

I don't feel quite as guilty with the next quartet as the first one of them was stitched and shown in a post back in January . . .

These snowmen are from an ornament kit called Cocoa Snowmen and are stitched on plastic canvas and should be a set of 6!  I say 'should' but oh dear I struggled with these ~ the more I went on the more my fingers got sorer and sorer from pushing the needle through the thickness of the plastic and I literally had tears in my eyes finishing the last one so decided 4 was enough.  I tried and tried to add french knots for the smiles on their faces but how do you do a french knot through 14ct plastic canvas?
  Thank goodness for Mill Hill beads!
I haven't decided quite what to do with them, my fingers haven't forgiven me yet, but maybe next post will be a Happy Dance for them.

One things it is never too early for . . .

and that's watching the sun rise over the sea.

We had a lovely weekend away in Bournemouth, very emotional after not seeing my DD for 3 months but lovely to all be a family again and spend time together.  This was the view from the balcony of our hotel room and although the weather was really really chilly it was so beautiful and peaceful ~ I really didn't want to come home!

But of course I had to and when there's a package waiting at the door addressed to Jane, Tilly and Oscar,  it's time to cheer up because I know there's going to be something very nice inside . . .

Dear Barb, one of my bestest, bestest blogging friends had sent me a belated birthday present, I tell her she's a naughty Barb but how can you tell someone off when they send the very thing you go weak at the knees at?
Cute overload ~ a gorgeous little bunny in summer dungarees and a reel of bunny ribbon ~ big smiles this end!  I love them and both are making their way to my 'Barb Shelf' as we speak, Oh you should see the goodies it now has on it and they all mean so much ~ thank you again Barb xxx
(I've sent you an email, hope you got it your end!)

Well that's me done for now.  I've read on several friends posts that they have completed their Christmas shopping and are set to go ~ I seriously need to get my butt into action ~ I've done nothing and Santa is patiently waiting for the required list!

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