Thursday, 14 July 2011


I was rather hoping my secret partner of the recent Tea Party/Picnic Exchange might post some photos of what I stitched for them but as they haven't I hope it's ok for me to do it instead ?

My first exchange and I had great fun putting this package together . . . . 2 stitched items, cupcake notelets, pink & white gingham cupcake baking cases, cupcake napkins, pink seed beads, blue & purple butterfly ribbon, DMC scented threads and my favourite teatime recipe ~ Pooh Bear's Raisin Bread for Eating with Honey!

Lizzie*Kate Flora McSample 'Strawberry Sampler'
stitched in DMC threads on Sparklies hand dyed 28-count linen

Red and White gingham backing fabric

Cupcake Pin Cushion using  part of The Historical Sampler Company Cupcake design with DMC threads and spotty button & fabric

Great fun! and again a very big thank you to both Catherine for her kindness and Lainey for her very hard work and now for something completely different . . . . 

I seemed to have waited an eternity for this day to come

If you remember in a previous post, way back in time, over 9 hours were spent securing these precious 2 tickets and last Saturday was the BIG day!

DD and I left for Wembley Stadium, London, in plenty of good time as we knew the crowds would be massive ~ it was a sold out tour from start to finish and this was Take That's last show date in England before heading out to Europe.

A walk up to Wembley Stadium with the 'boys' looking down on us and every wine bar and bistro around us playing their music!

The countdown on the big screens ~ as the 'Progress' bar (name of their Tour & recent album) reached full capacity, the clock counted down . . . .

Four of the five started the show and the hysteria from the 85,000 crowd waiting for the 5th ~ Mr RW himself ~ was unbelievable!

Robbie whipping the crowd up with 'Let Me Entertain You'

Fabulous stage set ~ the boys are right at the top singing!

OMG! I've seen some big names in concert before ~ Madonna, Coldplay, Kylie, JayZ but this was something I wouldn't have missed for the World ~ the crowd singing, the stage sets, the noise and the boys themselves (I keep calling them boys ~ they virtually were when they first started and although I've grown up with them, it's incredible they still 'Rule the World!!!!' even today!) but most of all . . . .I'VE SEEN ROBBIE WILLIAMS xxx

PS. Thanks DD for sharing this great night with me, it meant a lot to have you by my side and also your brilliant camera skills ~ love you lots x

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