Friday, 3 June 2011


This is a non-cross stitch, non-bunny and thankfully (after my lost post) a non-eventful post!

I thought I'd share with you my DS's (aka Twin I, aged 13 3/4 !!!) Works of Art.
He's always loved drawing and is an avid reader of the Terry Pratchett novels and as it's Half-Term this week and he's having a break from his Playstation 3 he's combined the two and Hey Presto . . . .


An artist at work!

'Gak' ~ a work in progress

'Gak' completed!

'Evil Harry Dread'

All 3 of these characters are from Terry's novel 'The Last Hero' and are pencil drawn and coloured with artists' tone & blend pencils.
Perhaps not drawings us cross-stitching ladies would hang on our walls next to our stitched Samplers!!!
but we will frame these with clip-art frames and when they are hung in his brick-wall effect bedroom they will look great!

Beautiful sunny weather here in the UK but very windy too!

Have a great weekend everyone