Friday, 3 June 2011


This is a non-cross stitch, non-bunny and thankfully (after my lost post) a non-eventful post!

I thought I'd share with you my DS's (aka Twin I, aged 13 3/4 !!!) Works of Art.
He's always loved drawing and is an avid reader of the Terry Pratchett novels and as it's Half-Term this week and he's having a break from his Playstation 3 he's combined the two and Hey Presto . . . .


An artist at work!

'Gak' ~ a work in progress

'Gak' completed!

'Evil Harry Dread'

All 3 of these characters are from Terry's novel 'The Last Hero' and are pencil drawn and coloured with artists' tone & blend pencils.
Perhaps not drawings us cross-stitching ladies would hang on our walls next to our stitched Samplers!!!
but we will frame these with clip-art frames and when they are hung in his brick-wall effect bedroom they will look great!

Beautiful sunny weather here in the UK but very windy too!

Have a great weekend everyone


Hazel said...

Jane - where is that wind??? There's none here and I am sure I am not far from you lol. Great drawings - what a talent! x

Hazel said...

Oh no I guess Sussex is a bit of a way lol. Send it up north! x

Mouse said...

gorgeous here up north ... wonderful drawings :) and well done for going to frame them and getting them up too :) love mouse xxx

Pumpkin said...

Well done! Your DS definitely has talent :o)

Annette said...

Wow how cool is that!!!
You DS can make kick ass

We also have beautifull weather!!

Colleen said...

Super artwork by a talented DS. Hot & humid here in Florida. So happy blogger is cooperating & we can finally post. Happy stitching weekend!

Sally said...

Wow your DS is very talented Jane. Is he planning on doing art at GCSE?

It's lovely up here but a little windy which I'm thankful for or it would be too hot for me!

Carol said...

Oh, how lucky he is to have such talent! All of his drawings are just wonderful. I'm quite envious as I can't even draw a stick figure :)

Barb said...

Hmmm I won't tell you what my art is like nothing at all Jane like your sons which is awesome ,if you like that sort of thing lol. Very talented now what about some bunny drawings lol.
Very hot down here well perhaps not as hot as Florida ,but phew could do with a nice sea breeze that is not warm.
Hugs to bunnies and I am so pleased the blogger has sorted itself now.

Myra said...

I would say we have a young artist in our midst. Those look great!

Lindsay-ann said...

His pictures are great. He is very talented. Thanks for showing us his artwork.

Sarah said...

Great artwork, it's nice to see other peoples families accomplishments too. He could get them made into Heaven and Earth Designs I am sure of it.

Lois said...

How talented your son is! I can't even draw a straight line and Art just totally defeated me at school!

morry said...

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