Sunday, 29 May 2011


The much needed black cloud has arrived in my village ~ unfortunately it has no rain in it ~ it's just come to sit over MY head and make my life rubbish and it WON'T GO AWAY!!!

Let me explain ~

I've managed to drive the car into the low wall that separates my driveway from my neighbours ~ that part of the wall now resembles rubble and the car has gone to hospital for a respray!  I've only been driving 25 years and even more embarrassing it was frontwards of the drive and didn't even involve reversing!
OK, a lovely 2011 courtesy car to drive whilst we wait 7-10 days ~ only it's a 3 door Vauxhall Corsa and we're a family of 5 including 3 growing teenagers all over 5' and DH who's 6'2" and when he drives it the person sitting behind him is more comfortable upside down with their feet hanging out the sunroof!
Oh, and did I mention it's half-term next week so will need to use the car more than ever.
Blogger ~ well you all know how irritating that is at the moment?
My grand opening happy dance of The Mercantile was a failure with comments (maybe due to blogger problems or it just wasn't a popular design?) so I have shut my country store down!
Thought a nice treat for all of us would be a night-time visit to London Zoo which is by advance ticket only ~ Great! the tickets have arrived with age 18+ in the smallest print ever with no refund available so looks like DH and I are off to spend the night with the monkeys alone!
(A zoo that only lets people in over the age of 18???????)
My neighbour called by Friday to see if I had noticed the smell of gas ~ No, I hadn't until she said!
British Gas have now been out to investigate and found a leakage and guess what: the mains pipe, according to their records, is underneath OUR driveway so come Tuesday that will be dug up ~ well it will match the wall now won't it?
Summer's fast approaching and I've lots of unworn clothes brought in the end-of-season Sales last year ~ OUCH! those trousers pinch, so does that pair of shorts and that t-shirt is screaming STOP STRETCHING ME!
Goodbye size 10 (temporarily) - OK, I know, only 1 person to blame but here comes the 10,000 steps a day and 5-a-day fruit & veg diet routine again and that = less stitching time!
Size 10 did not come easy for me in the first place, it took losing almost 3 stone (38lbs) to find it and I've always sworn I'll never go back to what I was :(

It's okay Oscar, Mum's had her rant, you can come out . . . .

Tilly, the forecast looks good and the black cloud may go soon . . . .

I know a 'pick'me-up' is what's needed (NO! not a bottle, NO! not another shopping spree) . . . COFFEE, you know, Mum's favourite, but how about coffee with a difference . . . .

My 1st attempt at punchneedle ~ a small Dimensions kit featuring a steaming cup of coffee.
It took me a few attempts before I knew and was happy with what I was doing but I'm really pleased with the end result and am really keen to have another go ~ there are some gorgeous designs out there, in particular With Thy Needle & Thread who have bunnies-a-plenty.

So, that's my life at the moment but I'm still smiling and hopefully you'll come back next time?


Hazel said...

Oh dear. Life can get you down like that at times. Chin up. I wish I was even close to a size 10! Love your punchneedle. I did one last year and really want to get hold of some weavers cloth but can't find it in this country. If you do then please give me a shout. Oh and as for London Zoo - I would give them a ring. That cannot be right. I had a friend who used to work there once. x

Mouse said...

oh dear ... I can join you on the small wall but mine was reversing ... I would ring the zoo and check too ... did leave a comment on the store (I think any ways? ) LHN are one of my favourite designers and I did like your version :) so happy dance again for the finish :)and a size 10 never been there but have lost and re gained a few pounds over the years and trying to get down again ... can't do the exercise thou :( keep your chin up :) love mouse xxxx

Denise said...

The car, wall, and driveway will all be better soon. The few pounds you've added will be gone and then you can stitch again.

Just by venting it'll start getting better.

Cheers to you - you'll be back to yourcheerful self soon.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely finish. Hope everything sorts its self out soon and the big black cloud goes away. Your mercantile finish was lovely, I think I commented but will tell you again anyway.

Lois said...

Oh Jane, you have been having a time of it. I am sorry. Things can only get better - right?!?! I do hope so. I've been trying to comment on your last post but Blogger was being difficult so let me say it here, great finish and I'm glad I could help and what a cute pic of Tilly and Oscar.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the black cloud has done its' worst and has decided to move on!

Angela P said...

Oh no, i'm sorry to hear of your embarrassing wall mishap :0)

I loved your Mercantile finish and wanted to congratulate you but you know Blogger wouldn't let me! Congrats on the lovely finish.

At least they discovered the gas leak before anything serious happened, that is a little bit scary! Hope the repairs go quickly :)

I know all about loosing and gaining weight, I'm going through it right now, the 5 a day fruit & veg thingy.

I can't tell you how much I love Oscar and Tilly, they are both so cute.

And finally the punch needle looks great :)

Ma Teakettle said...

Ah Jane, you need a very big hug, my friend!

I do so love your punch needle, it's gorgeous and I can't believe it's your first is perfect! Good job :)

When all else fails, you have those tall and wonderful kids and hubby to lean on, and lest I forget to mention Oscar and Tilly.

Sending hopes that everything settles down and brightens up.


blue star stitcher said...

The punch needle turned out so cute. And I've done the same thing in my own driveway knocking over the neighbors wall, I know how frustrating it can be. I hope the sun comes back out soon for you!

Colleen said...

My dear Jane, here's to a much better week ahead for you. You are safe after the wall came tumbling down and that is the important thing to remember. Did you teach yourself punch needle? I've been wanting to learn, but do not have a place near that teaches punch needle. Your punch needle finish is lovely and a newbie to boot.
I saw on a blog that you were interested in Ah Tis Spring by Notforgotten Farm. Please email me about the chart, can send to you.

Lisa V said...

Oh dear, I hope things get better for you soon. I think its my turn now, I woke up this morning and looks like I'm coming down with a cold/flu, and its my birthday on June 2, I always seem to get sick on or around my birthday, its just not fair.
All the best

Brynwood Needleworks said...

My gosh! When it rains, it pours! I'm so sorry to hear that it's rough for you these days. On a happy note, I adore your bunny photos...and your punch needle work is impeccable. Congratulations on a job well done.
Chin up. Better days tomorrow.

Myra said...

Oh Jane, that black cloud just has to go! You have really had some bad luck. I did see and admire your merchantile finish and if I didn't comment it was because of stupid blogger. I am loving your little punchneedle piece, the colors are wonderful and that steam coming out the top - marvelous!

Gillie said...

Oh my goodness, poor you, I kept thinking - okay, she can cope with that, and then another thing! I am sorry. The zoo thing is A1 annoying - I wonder how many others got caught too? Lots of complaining - it may not do any good but might make them think for next year - was alcohol served? That might have something to do with it. Well done on the size 10 - you'll get back to it! Car, did something similar, not once but twice, might have to blog about it, lol!

Justflo said...

Yuk about your wall. I have a fear of reversing and come out in cold sweats if I think I have to do that manoeuvre. I know you said you were going forward but perhaps you were diverted by the smell of gas!! ( Only trying to help)

Your punchwork looks good, that's another thing I've thought of having a go at along with 'Stump work' to press both are just on the possible to do list. Hope you get through Half Term OK. Shame about the Zoo. What odd rules,

Sally said...

Awww Jane I hope things get better for you real soon. {{{{hugs}}}} I had a mishap once when I caught the gate post whilst going out of our drive. I was so upset.

I would definitely get in touch with London Zoo. That doesn't seem right.

Love your punchneedle.

I'm trying to get the pounds down too and I know being low as not helped in getting them off. Good luck - you can do it :)

Lots of hugs

Barb said...

Shall I TRY and post a comment to you,blogger been a pain in the backside for me too.
Oops not a good little black rain cloud!! Size 10 - I wish- never been a 10 and no where near it now.
Love the punchneedle, I think that might be a fun thing to have a go at.There are some lovely designs for it out there.
T and O cute as ever but please can you upmarket the accommodation lol.
Hope the sky will soon be clearer (((((hugs)))))

Annette said...

What a cute pics of the bunny's....
And great try on punchneedle... it looks hard!!

Stitching Noni said...

I do hope that the big black cloud has gone and is now replaced by a lovely silver lining cloud!

Your "cup of coffee" is a delight to behold! Well done.

I loved the "Mercantile". If blogger lets me post this comment I will try and post one on the Mercantile too :-)

Oscar and Tilly look so cute in their boxes! When all else fails, do like a bunny and hide in a box!!

Take care,

Kate said...

Oh Jane what a week - I hope things start to improve for you.
I thought your Mercatile is fab but blogger wouldn't let me comment on that post!
Cute bunny pics.

Sarah said...

Oh you have made me laugh!! What would we do without our sense of humour!! Love the punch needle piece can't wait to see what you do next and oh those bunnies are just sooooo cute.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Jane...((((HUGS))))...I hate to say it but you made me feel good about myself with this post ;o)

Sorry to hear about the car. I did something similar years ago with my new car and couldn't believe I was so stupid! It's heart wrenching :oS

You did a lovely job with your punch needle! I need to try one myself. I have a couple of patterns.

A zoo that doesn't allow under 18???? VERY weird. A misprint maybe?