Thursday, 18 March 2010

HOT, COLD, HOT, COLD . . . .

The past few days has had me experiencing extreme hot and freezing cold temperatures and NO before you say it, it's not an age thing!

Monday morning saw our central heating boiler create a mind of its own and when running on timer would not turn off when it should giving us tropical temperatures and having to completely shut it down which then turned the house Siberian!  One minute we were running around the house in next-to-nothing and the next we were all dressed in multiple layers and looking like we had had a bad case of overeating!  A 'friendly'? Engineer came out Tuesday to inspect ..... ordered the necessary part for Wedneday ..... returned Wednesday with the wrong part ..... re-ordered for Thursday which hasn't now arrived and will be back tomorrow - I shall lock the door once he is in the house with the part and hold him ransom until normal service resumes!!!

BUT the good news is to keep warm I decided the only solution was to stitch ... and stitch ... and stitch and as from today Noah's Ark can finally set sail (oh! maybe not, the last thing I want now is flooding).

Noah and Company ~ The Ark ~ HeartStrings, The Artists Collection ~ stitched on Aida Rustico 14count with DMC threads

I am going to turn it into a cushion and have found some Noah's Ark fabric for the backing and ordered some Debbie Mum embellishments to add to the front - a really cute Noah, a whale and of course the white dove.

I've also sorted out another nautical stitch still waiting for the finishing touch . . . .

Bent Creek's Lighthouse Sampler stitched on Lugana 'New Khaki' 28count evenweave with both WDW and GAST

I am now counting down to one of the biggest stitching events in a cross-stitcher's diary here in England ~ The Stitch & Craft Show this coming weekend in London.  It is the one place where many of the exhibitors sell a lot of the American designs and showcase lots of new releases - can't wait, tickets for show and train are both sitting here ready and as long as I've set the Engineer free I'll be there!