Saturday, 23 April 2011



Oh dear, do I feel guilty!
After almost 6 weeks of DH complaining of a sore big toe and the rest of us taking little notice and telling him to wear different shoes, he finally went to see the Doc last week who immediately sent him to a Foot Specialist who immediately operated on an ingrowing toenail and left him with 4 stitches and a bandaged foot . . . . HOPPY EASTER!

No Wedding Bells yet for Tilly and Oscar but their cages are together now for 99% of the day, territorial marking has now ended and brief but happy kisses are shared between the barriers.
A very brief 1st date was shared last weekend but not a very good one and a bout of biting and huge clumps of fur flying around the bathroom left me very upset and stressed with my heart beating as fast as their little ones were!  I remain optimistic though and know deep down that even if it's not to be then, depsite the Rescue Centre's option of returning within 4 weeks, Oscar's home will always be here.

Stitching time has been minimal as playing Cupid between the two bunnies and nursemaid to DH seems to be 24/7 but the weather is glorious and apart from the Easter Sunday church services tomorrow we are chore-free and can relax, chill and enjoy the garden.

 Hope the Easter Bunny hops by soon