Sunday, 20 May 2012


Just loving this kit 'A Wise Old Owl', I'm stitching it rather randomly ~ an owl if I feel like it or as in today's case ~ some of the wording so I could see that thread colour in action! ~ anyway it's now 3 down and 6 to go!

I do like owls and talking of which . . .

A few more sitting around the house ~ the 3 ceramic ones all have space in the back for a tealight so that their eyes light up when it's dark and the other 3 . . .

Say Hello to 'TWO' Little Hoots ~ we bought this for our twins when they were just starting to read but as you will see from the wording on the box, it came with 'A' Little Hoot and what a nightmare it was to persuade the Seller to send us another one ~ if you have twins, you'll understand!
And if you have a third child, you'll understand even more why there's another little owl on the bottom shelf!!!

The set is still in lovely condition and it's tucked away safely for any further 'patter of tiny feet' in years to come, now that is wishing my life away but the way I feel at the moment with my aches and pains, I feel at least 20 years older so it just might arrive sooner than I think . . . talking of which . . .
I'm off to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon tomorrow to try and find out what my bones are up to, not particularly looking forward to it but if it's the start to recovery then it will be worth it?  I find it hard to walk any distance now without pain and driving isn't great . . . talking of which . . . I forgot to tell you DD passed her driving test last week and now has her new car . . .

Needless to say, there's already pink floor mats and a pink air freshener inside and if you look closely you'll see Disney's 'Stitch' sitting on the back shelf!  She's a really good new driver though and I thoroughly enjoyed being taken out this afternoon and seeing all the countryside as a passenger, you miss so much when you're the driver.

OK, so my new start . . .

'Sophie's Roses' by Shepherds Bush

This, too, is stitching up a treat and the pastel colours are gorgeous xxx

I have also had the knitting needles out again but will save that for next time, I want to give poor Sophie a hat to wear, although the weather is miserable here, there is the promise of some lovely sunny weather by the end of the week so she'll need some shade over her head!

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