Saturday, 22 October 2011


Hi everyone ~ hope you're having a lovely relaxing stitchy weekend?

Thank you for all your comments on my last post concerning 'Fa' and 'La' (aka Snowmen)  and whether to backstitch or not!  It seems that most of you have no particular preference and like both with or without ~ mmmmmm? now what do I do? Well, put it to one side and leave them alone for a while whilst I put my mind to something else ~ hope they don't melt!

Missing needles and pins!  Drives me mad and always a worry that one of the bunnies will try and eat one so how about this solution . . .

Toby Tortoise

Isn't he cute?  I found the pattern on line and he knitted up really quickly, a little longer to put him together but love him!

The pattern had instructions for his shell to be knitting in 2 colour plain stripes but I thought this DK wool would be great as it knits as a fairlisle pattern as you go . . .

even his underside looks good . . .

and best of all ~ if he trys to escape he won't go very quickly!

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