Monday, 11 April 2011


I have to start this post with the most adorable R.A.K. which dropped through the letterbox last Friday lunchtime . . . .

Lots and lots of lovely bunnies sent by Barb who I have to say is Tilly's #1 fan and one of the first people I met in blogland!
This wonderful bunny pillow is an 'I Stitch' design called Sew a Little Brown Bunny and Barb has stitched it on 40~count fabric, (yep! that's right 40~count, the very thought of it makes me feel dizzy!) and the little row of bunnies Barb changed from green to a Tilly colour.
The reverse has a pretty Spring green fabric and a cute matching heart button ~ I adore it, it's just perfect and totally 'me'!

Barb also sent me a pretty little bunny ornament in my favourite colours ~ burgundy and cream and a choccy Bubble Bunny ~ Thank you Barb, I am so touched that you thought of me as your RAK and I will truly treasure these wonderful gifts.
Barb's blog is a delight to follow, her ramblings are great fun to read and are bound to bring a smile to your face, I expect most of you know her already but if you don't pop over and say Hi!

Now to news of 2 other little bunnies and I'm pleased to report although progress feels very slow, it still IS progress.  We are at Stage II of bonding and rather than both bunnies being in their own cages alongside each other, Tilly is now loose and after the initial 'marking her territory' stint around Oscar's cage she now settles down close to him and noses are happily close together.

Oscar had his first examination with our own Vet on Saturday morning which included a vaccination and removal of his stitches from his neuturing, all went well but he was soooooo nervous and came back shaking to bits and his little heart beating overtime. We think he is probably younger than first thought and have been advised to wait the suggested 4 weeks from neutering until he finally gets to meet Tilly without any barriers!
I can't wait!!!

Sorry, but more bunnies . . . . last Sunday was Mother's Day and wasn't I the luckiest Mum ever?
This is a limited edition print of Little and Big Nutbrown Hare from the Guess How Much I Love You? books . . . .

In the bottom right hand corner is an embossed stamp which has the number 98 out of a limited edition of 495.  It's beautifully framed with a cream mount and cream frame and already hangs proudly in my stitching room our study (I'm working on it!)

I thought I'd share this picture with you . . . . .

This is the Magnolia Tree which I can see from the kitchen window and is at its prime but so shortlived as the blooms literally last 2 weeks at the most and thanks to the increasing winds and the Twin's new 12' football goal net most of the blooms are on the ground this evening!

Talking of my gang . . . .

Lazing around, pink skins ready to tan up in the lovely sunny weather, covered in dirt from football matches and a never ending appetite . . . . . . school holidays, don't you just love them?
(I'm going to suffer for posting this one!!!)

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments, so many offering words of support and best wishes on the bonding bunnies ~ more updates to follow!

x x x