Thursday, 23 September 2010


Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who wished me better after my raging tooth infection, unfortunately my tooth wasn't listening and I was back at the dentist on the following day and prescribed stronger antibiotics with root canal treatment booked in for that Wednesday. 
Still my tooth didn't listen and despite numerous injections to numb it still it raged on so I had antibiotics injected as a last resort (still with me or if you're anything like me out for the count when it comes to injections and needles) and thankfully this worked BUT made me throw up so back I went on Friday and another concoction prescribed and thankfully it has now settled and I have a week off before returning.

So instead yesterday I went down with a rotten cold and have now been up since 2am with a high temperature, continual runny nose and my usually very controlled asthma has made an unwelcome appearance too!!!

Yep, I'm feeling very sorry for myself (lots of aahhs please) and Tilly has missed her fun playtimes whilst I've moped around . . .

Tilly, we need something to cheer us up . . .
and Lesleyanne (Lesleyanne's Life of Stitches) did exactly that with a RAK delivered by the Postie on Tuesday morning

Lesleyanne had contacted me to say she had something in her stash which although she loved would probably never get round to stitching and it was screaming my name at her ~ Bunnies Galore by Brittercup Designs, it couldn't have been more perfect, I love it and it's taken position high up the 'to-do' pile once my Autumn and Halloween stitchies are complete ~ thank you so much Lesleyanne, bunnyhops and smiles all round xxx

Sleeping seems to be something I once did a long time ago and having such a painful mouth meant it even hurt to put my head on a pillow so I've burnt the midnight oil (and much beyond) on many nights recently stitching Spooky Row by Bent Creek . . .

It's over 2ft wide so not easy to photograph hence the extra 2 pics below :

I stitched this on 28count natural linen with DMC threads rather than GAST and have a few ideas what to do for a finish but will leave that for a later post.

I managed to have an afternoon out with DH on Monday, it was our 24th Wedding Anniversary but after feeling so low recently we are going to have belated celebrations at a later date when I will be able to have a glass or two and actually eat something so instead we went stash hunting and did really well :

Autumnal and Halloween fat quarters and ric a rac
Green felt for pumpkin making, a Halloween sign with paints (meant for kiddies but as I'm the biggest one of them in our family!) and some gingham ribbon

3 cross stitch books, all in perfect condition and never used for the fantastic price of £1 (who could resist?)

The weather is horrible here today and noticeably much colder but the leaves are turning those gorgeous shades of Autumn and I now don't need an excuse to light the fire in the lounge at night!
I'm off to renew my Passport tomorrow and need a new photograph ~ I look like Rudolph with my sore red nose at the moment and the gang are all laughing at me ~ still I'll only have to live with it for another 10 years!!!