Sunday, 5 February 2012


Introducing 'Snowy Morn' number 1 . . .

As forecast, we woke up this morning to our garden covered with a pretty white blanket of snow ~ no more to follow just yet but the freezing temperatures mean it will be hanging round a while!

I know snow does cause problems especially when it turns icy but I have found one advantage to it ~ the brightness it brings means I can actually see to cross stitch the dreaded 1 over 1 on 'Snowy Morn' number 2.

Yes, after my last post and breathing a sigh of relief that that horrible part of Snowy Morn was complete, I now find that there's more in store!
Last night I sat for 3 hours stitching and un-stitching and went to bed feeling very fed up with my inability to see what I'm doing BUT this snowfall overnight has given such brightness to the day that I have, at last, seen a bit more progress . . .

The white row of feather-like satin stitch is repeated in blocks of 10 over 1 all the way round the design ~ YUK!
It has taken me an hour just to complete that one row and now at 3.45pm the brightnness has gone so if I could just ask for a little more snow overnight so I can finish it tomorrow, I'd be most grateful!

Thank you to everyone who sent 18th birthday wishes to DD, celebrations continued until 2am and a good time was shared by all.

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