Sunday, 5 February 2012


Introducing 'Snowy Morn' number 1 . . .

As forecast, we woke up this morning to our garden covered with a pretty white blanket of snow ~ no more to follow just yet but the freezing temperatures mean it will be hanging round a while!

I know snow does cause problems especially when it turns icy but I have found one advantage to it ~ the brightness it brings means I can actually see to cross stitch the dreaded 1 over 1 on 'Snowy Morn' number 2.

Yes, after my last post and breathing a sigh of relief that that horrible part of Snowy Morn was complete, I now find that there's more in store!
Last night I sat for 3 hours stitching and un-stitching and went to bed feeling very fed up with my inability to see what I'm doing BUT this snowfall overnight has given such brightness to the day that I have, at last, seen a bit more progress . . .

The white row of feather-like satin stitch is repeated in blocks of 10 over 1 all the way round the design ~ YUK!
It has taken me an hour just to complete that one row and now at 3.45pm the brightnness has gone so if I could just ask for a little more snow overnight so I can finish it tomorrow, I'd be most grateful!

Thank you to everyone who sent 18th birthday wishes to DD, celebrations continued until 2am and a good time was shared by all.

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Poussy Stitches My Love said...

beautiful pictures !!
bisous de France

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on getting the special stitches finished. Great pictures of the snow. We've had a bit but it looks like it is starting to melt just in time for Monday lol.

Annette said...

BEAUTIFULL... we also have a snowy town here.. love it

Look at my blog for pic's..

Beautifull piece your working on


blue star stitcher said...

I love waking up to fresh snowfall. That border of satin stitch looks so cool, it'll be worth it.

cucki said...

Aww I love snow so much:)
Lovely pictures xxx

Hazel said...

The special stitches look so pretty though so worth all the effort. No more snow though please! I have to get my dd to school. x

Pumpkin said...

You can keep all that snow ;o)

I love the look of that stitch! I know it's over one but it must be easier than cross stitching over one?

Sarah said...

Your satin stitches look lovely, even if they are YUK!! Keep warm :)

Catherine said...

Pretty snow, but I am quite content with just looking at yours! That band of white stitches is very pretty!

Mouse said...

well you got more snow than we did .... love those stitches and haven't you got a day light lamp ??? love mouse xxxxx

Lynn said...

Beautiful stitching and beautiful pictures! We haven't had any snowfall for awhile now but the temps are cold so what we do have has stuck.
Belated Happy Birthday greetings to your daughter! I can't remember what 18 was like anymore, lol. My big birthday was when I turned 21 and moved away from home.

Sally said...

I have loved having snow. As you say it brings a brightness to the days. Lovely photos. My DH and I went out on Sunday morning and took loads of photos between us.

Your SB WIP is lovely. Love the colours, the snowman, those gorgeous stitches, everything!

Barb said...

I do not see any snowy bunny prints in your immaculate lawn!
Oh poor you, the stitching is looking fabulous though and you will be able to have a major happy dance!