Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I'm so thrilled to introduce to all my lovely blogging friends . . . .


I've wanted for so long to find my golden girl Tilly a friend to share her life with and have for some time now being keeping an eye on the local rescue centres for some'bunny' suitable.
Last Friday whilst having a lunchtime cappuccino and having my weekly check on the rescue sites up came this little fellow . . . . .

The description was brief on the website but he was a newly rescued bunny estimated at 6 months old and recently neutered and his ideal buddy would be a spayed doe ~ I know the perfect bunny!

After long talks with the rescue centre that afternoon DH and I went and saw him on Saturday morning, although the gang had seen the picture of him online I didn't want to raise their hopes so we didn't let them know.  He was gorgeous, same breed as Tilly ~ a mini lop and although rescue details are kept confidential we were told he had been removed by the Animal Welfare Inspector  from the worse scenario possible 4 weeks previous and had had the worse start to life possible for a little bunny.

Well, need I say more, heartstrings pulled in every direction, could you say no?

We went back in the afternoon, all 5 of us and home he came.

It's not the easiest thing to do ~ bonding 2 unrelated bunnies, but boy and girl combination are considered best and slow steps over the course of the next 4 weeks of gradually introducing them to each other will hopefully prove successful.  Oscar is very cautious of us and doesn't like sudden movements but in time I hope we can restore his trust in humans and give him a life of warmth and love.

Tilly, I hope we've done the right thing for you, you're the most affectionate and gentle animal I've ever known and have helped me through my loss of Buttons so well but I just can't learn your bunny talk, you'll have such fun and great bunny chat with Oscar and if my ears start burning I'll know you're talking about me!!! and don't forget to tell him Mum's cross~threads are a definite NO NO!!!

I know I keep promising my stash pics and I was almost ready to post them but this little interruption has slightly taken over so once again I'll say . . . next time!

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