Sunday, 29 May 2011


The much needed black cloud has arrived in my village ~ unfortunately it has no rain in it ~ it's just come to sit over MY head and make my life rubbish and it WON'T GO AWAY!!!

Let me explain ~

I've managed to drive the car into the low wall that separates my driveway from my neighbours ~ that part of the wall now resembles rubble and the car has gone to hospital for a respray!  I've only been driving 25 years and even more embarrassing it was frontwards of the drive and didn't even involve reversing!
OK, a lovely 2011 courtesy car to drive whilst we wait 7-10 days ~ only it's a 3 door Vauxhall Corsa and we're a family of 5 including 3 growing teenagers all over 5' and DH who's 6'2" and when he drives it the person sitting behind him is more comfortable upside down with their feet hanging out the sunroof!
Oh, and did I mention it's half-term next week so will need to use the car more than ever.
Blogger ~ well you all know how irritating that is at the moment?
My grand opening happy dance of The Mercantile was a failure with comments (maybe due to blogger problems or it just wasn't a popular design?) so I have shut my country store down!
Thought a nice treat for all of us would be a night-time visit to London Zoo which is by advance ticket only ~ Great! the tickets have arrived with age 18+ in the smallest print ever with no refund available so looks like DH and I are off to spend the night with the monkeys alone!
(A zoo that only lets people in over the age of 18???????)
My neighbour called by Friday to see if I had noticed the smell of gas ~ No, I hadn't until she said!
British Gas have now been out to investigate and found a leakage and guess what: the mains pipe, according to their records, is underneath OUR driveway so come Tuesday that will be dug up ~ well it will match the wall now won't it?
Summer's fast approaching and I've lots of unworn clothes brought in the end-of-season Sales last year ~ OUCH! those trousers pinch, so does that pair of shorts and that t-shirt is screaming STOP STRETCHING ME!
Goodbye size 10 (temporarily) - OK, I know, only 1 person to blame but here comes the 10,000 steps a day and 5-a-day fruit & veg diet routine again and that = less stitching time!
Size 10 did not come easy for me in the first place, it took losing almost 3 stone (38lbs) to find it and I've always sworn I'll never go back to what I was :(

It's okay Oscar, Mum's had her rant, you can come out . . . .

Tilly, the forecast looks good and the black cloud may go soon . . . .

I know a 'pick'me-up' is what's needed (NO! not a bottle, NO! not another shopping spree) . . . COFFEE, you know, Mum's favourite, but how about coffee with a difference . . . .

My 1st attempt at punchneedle ~ a small Dimensions kit featuring a steaming cup of coffee.
It took me a few attempts before I knew and was happy with what I was doing but I'm really pleased with the end result and am really keen to have another go ~ there are some gorgeous designs out there, in particular With Thy Needle & Thread who have bunnies-a-plenty.

So, that's my life at the moment but I'm still smiling and hopefully you'll come back next time?